Fuel protests today: Roadblocks hit M4 and M5 as petrol costs hit new highs

Petrol prices: the average cost of filling a family car is over £100

Drivers face “significant delays” on roads as vehicles block highways in protest at high fuel prices the day after petrol costs hit a new record.

Convoys are deliberately moving slowly along the M4 and M5 in a call for fuel tax cuts.

A bridge between England and Wales is one of the main roads targeted by the slow protest. Gwent police said it was experiencing delays in both directions along that stretch of the M4.

Meanwhile, Devon and Cornwall police said a slow-moving convoy set off Monday morning from Exeter services along the M5, as well as another along the A38.

Protesters are said to target mainly three-lane freeways and attempt to slow down two lanes while releasing the fast one.

Drivers have been warned to reconsider their journey and stay home if possible amid protests reportedly being organized via social media under the banner Fuel Price Stand Against Tax.


Prince of Wales Bridge eastbound closed

Police say the eastbound bridge was closed during the protest:

Zoe TidmanJuly 4, 2022 10:43


BREAKING: Gasoline hits new record 191.5 pence as motorists block highways

Zoe TidmanJuly 4, 2022 10:30 am


Petrol prices reach new high

According to data agency Experian, the average price of a liter of petrol at UK petrol stations hit a new record high of 191.5 pence on Sunday.

The average price of diesel was 199.0 pence per liter.

Zoe TidmanJuly 4, 2022 10:25 am


Update on the M5 convoy heading north

Zoe TidmanJuly 4, 2022 10:18 am


Rising fuel prices

The protests are about fuel prices, which are skyrocketing in the UK.

Here’s Ben Chapman, our corporate reporter, on last week’s situation:

Zoe TidmanJuly 4, 2022 09:56


Another slow moving convoy departs along M5

Police say there is another slow moving roadblock along the M5 northbound.

It started with services in Bridgewater:

Zoe TidmanJuly 4, 2022 09:37


Protesters ‘driving 11mph on M4’

Protesters are reportedly ignoring a police order not to go slower than 30mph on the M4.

A WalesOnline reporter, who sits in a passenger seat, says the convoy is traveling at up to 11 mph:

Zoe TidmanJuly 4, 2022 09:22


A38 protest

Devon and Cornwall Police say another protest is underway along the A38, as well as the M5:

Zoe TidmanJuly 4, 2022 09:13


‘Significant delays’ on Prince of Wales bridge

Gwent Police Chief Superintendent Tom Harding said: “We are seeing significant delays both east and west on the Prince of Wales Bridge as a result of the planned protest.

“We are trying to get traffic back to normal as soon as possible.”

Zoe TidmanJuly 4, 2022 09:02


Traffic ‘moves slowly’ on Prince of Wales bridge

Police say westbound traffic is moving “slowly” on Prince of Wales Bridge amid the protest:

Zoe TidmanJuly 4, 2022 08:49

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