French artist creates illustrations that challenge society’s norms for women (32 new photos)

It’s no secret that women in modern society are supposed to be in need of constant improvement. It is the result of many factors that are deeply rooted in our lives. The idea of ​​”looking good” is communicated through slogans like “because you’re worth it,” which isn’t really what self-love is all about.

What women are really worth is feeling good just the way they are. With or without makeup, skinny or round, shaved or hairy, etc. That’s what Cécile Dormeau, a French-based artist, is trying to tell us. With her colorful illustrations, she confronts limiting stereotypes and inspires many women around the world to love themselves as they are.

The artist previously shared with Bored Panda That she likes to show that it is completely normal not to feel good all the time or to have ‘imperfections’ in the body. “We all face problems and sometimes our lives don’t fit what society expects of us. There is not just one way to be or live your life. I like to celebrate imperfection and try to be as authentic as possible.”

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