Four in a Bed viewers slam ‘disgraceful’ and ‘insulting’ joint winners

Four in a Bed viewers slam ‘disgraceful’ and ‘insulting’ joint winners who underpaid Yorkshire B&B owners who were less than happy with their feedback of their guest house

Four in a bed show stars Sian and Mary ruffled feathers after offering half of what they should for the room at a Yorkshire guest house

Four in a Bed viewers were left reeling after the joint winners made an ‘insulting’ under payment for their stay.

The popular Channel 4 show involves four B&B owners, who take turns to stay with one another – and pay what they consider fair for their stay. The winner is the establishment named best value for money.

But viewers of this week’s show saw sparks fly as owners of the Wales-based The Griffin Inn saw Sian and Mary only fork out £30 out of the £60 cost for the room to Karl and Steph — the proprietors of The Cedarville Guest House.

The pairs reasoning for the tight offering was that they believed The Cedarville Guest House in Yorkshire was not finished to an ”acceptable standard” and the room needed another coat of paint.

Four in a Bed contestants Karl and Steph were paid less than half by one pair of guests

As if that wasn’t enough they singled out Steph for being “overdramatic” during an incident in which she came face to face with a tarantula.

Steph struck back at the harsh feedback saying: “I’m absolutely astonished. I’d rather you not paid me at all.”

Steph and Karl weren’t the only ones unhappy with how the situation unfolded, with many viewers taking to Twitter to vent their frustration that Sian and Mary ended up being joint winners.

Sian and Mary owners of The Griffin secured a joint win but fans weren’t happy

One said: “Wow, that’s a huge underpayment. No one can get a room for £30 anywhere”

“£30 off*****g seizure,” a second tweeted.

A third agreed: “£30 despicable game player”.

Another commented: “Sadly this will be a Griffin win. Underpay everyone else but get decent folk to pay in full for their stay at your gaff.”

“Well if they do win (god forbid) I am just pleased to know that they’ve done their reputations no favors whatsoever by appearing on this program,” a fifth echoed.

Karl and Steph were insulted by the well below room price offering to stay at their Yorkshire guest house

But despite the viewers and Steph’s reaction Sian and Mary were crowned joint winners for The Griffin Inn along with Helen and Sally owners of The Kedleston Country House who showed off their Derbyshire Georgian house.

Meanwhile Sophia Biggs and Dani Drew also missed out on the winning title after their self-catering suites The Jewelery Suites in Birmingham failed to impress guests.

The Channel 4 show aired on Friday and can be viewed again on

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