Former Pokémon Art Director Unveils His New Studio’s First Game

Yesterday, Pokémon artist James Turner – most recently known as the art director of Pokémon Sword & Shield – announced that he had moved from Game Freak to a brand new game studio with his old friend (@onebitbeyond), known as All Possible Futures.

Turner teased the studio’s first game at the time, stating that there would be a reveal “very soon” and sure enough, this game has now been unveiled at Devolver Digital’s latest presentation. Introduce The brave squire – launch on all platforms, including the Switch in 2023.

It follows the magical adventures of Jot and his friends – storybook characters who discover that there is a three-dimensional world beyond the pages of their book when the villain throws them out. Players jump between 2D and 3D worlds in this action-adventure while solving puzzles, boxing badgers and even flying around with a jetpack.

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