Floyd Mayweather responds to commentator mid-fight during final exhibition

Mayweather spoke to the commentary team during his exhibition clash with Don Moore, responding during a round praising his psychological warfare

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Mayweather shows no sign of age as he trains in the ring

Floyd Mayweather responded to the commentary team’s praise for his “psychological warfare” while in the ring during his exhibition clash with Don Moore.

The boxing legend took part in his third Middle East exhibition show after previously beating Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa and YouTube star Logan Paul. Mayweather fell and dominated his former sparring partner Moore, despite his opponent managing to hold on and survive the eight-round distance.

Commentators who were close to the meeting while analyzing ringsides of the event praised the star for his boxing brain and ability to perform mind games. Mayweather exchanged punches with Moore close to where the announcers were positioned before turning his head and quickly yelling back at them, “I’ll do that.”

The pair were stunned by the interaction and laughed along with the crowd and the boxing legend, who was visibly enjoying his final appearance in the ring. Mayweather was clearly out to put on a show for the fans who made the short trip to the Etihad Arena.

After the sixth round, Mayweather’s antics continued to steal the ring girl’s job by holding up her card and dancing in the ring during intermission. He kept smiling throughout the fight and even narrated his own shots to his opponent, who apparently struggled with the pace of proceedings.

Mayweather and Moore hugged after the final bell in a huge respectful gesture before the boxing legend praised his counterpart. “I want to thank everyone in the UAE, the media and everyone who covered this fight. This is one of the best countries in the world,” Mayweather said after the fight.

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“Don Moore is still undefeated, we are both still undefeated. I will bring another fight back to the UAE this year. It’s a secret. I don’t want to take the cat out of the bag now. But we have an opponent, and I choose the UAE.”

Understandably in a party mood, Mayweather had potentially earned a purse of up to $100 million for just sixteen minutes of in-ring action. He was also paid $1 million leading up to the clash to promote the fight at a press conference alongside UFC legend Anderson Silva.

The event was moved to a new venue previously planned on a helipad atop the Burj Al Arab hotel. Mayweather later admitted that the event was a roller coaster ride for all fighters.

“It was a little roller coaster ride for all the fighters,” Mayweather said at a news conference after yesterday’s weigh-in. “I want to praise the fighters for just being patient. Things like this happen in life, we go through ups, we go through downs, but we stand strong, stand together and we got it done.

“I want to thank everyone all over the UAE for their patience and all the fighters here who are incredible and the sponsors.”

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