Florida police legally arrest blind man for holding cane | Video

Two Florida police officers are under investigation after a video went viral in which they arrest a legally blind man whose walking stick they believe was a weapon.

Jim Hodges was taken into custody by the Columbia County Sheriff after he refused to provide local authorities with his ID. The everyday beast reported.

The video, obtained and posted to YouTube by Hodges, shows that he was detained by police because they believed the stick folded in his back pocket might have been a gun.

An officer, later identified in an arrest affidavit as Deputy Jayme Gohde, asked the 61-year-old what was in his pocket

“It’s a navigation aid, what’s the problem, are you a tyrant?” said Hodges.

“Yes, actually I am,” the officer replied. “What is your name and date of birth?”

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The older man refused to give his personal details or ID card, claiming he had committed no crime.

Hodges finally pulled out his cane and showed it to the deputy.

“You don’t have to be ad*** to me”, Gohde responds.

“Well, you’re one to me,” he claps back.

The argument escalated, Hodges then asked if he was being held, and Gohde said, “Yeah, you are.”

The elderly man then asked to speak to her supervisor, to which Gohde cheerfully replied, “He’s here.”

Hodges told the second deputy, who was not named in an arrest affidavit, that he has ID but does not need to show it to officers because he has not been arrested and is not suspected of a crime.

The second sheriff’s deputy told him that the cane “might resemble a weapon” and that he must identify himself.

After refusing to identify themselves, both officers handcuffed Hodges.

While in handcuffs, Hodges repeatedly asked for the officers’ names and badge numbers. He maintained his innocence.

Hodges spent 26 hours in prison before being released. He was given a $1,000 ($AUD1,550) bail.

Local officials told The everyday beast they were concerned about the images

“Sheriff [Mark] Hunter is concerned about what he saw in the video and the matter is being addressed,” a spokesperson told the outlet.

“If policy violations are found at the end of that investigation, appropriate action will be taken.”

The law enforcement agency said it would investigate the incident and then post the findings on its Facebook page.

Under the Florida and US Constitutions, the police cannot search or detain individuals without cause.

The state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union states, “You are only expected to identify yourself with Florida law enforcement officers (police officers and sheriffs, not immigration or FBI agents) when arrested on suspicion of a felony or traffic violation ”

Officers can search a person if the person is suspected of carrying a weapon.

Originally published as Shocking video shows police arresting blind man for holding a cane

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