FJFW gives opportunity to musicians and dancers to lure audience during show

Rako Pasefika was the crowd favorite at the finale of the 15th Fiji Fashion Week show as more than 20 singers and dancers got the chance to win over their audiences again, especially after COVID-19 has not allowed it for the past two years.

Letila Mitchell, Artistic Director of Rako Pasefika and Creative Director of Fiji Fashion Week, says these young people have really struggled for the past two years with no work and no income from the arts.

She says she really wanted to do a show that would bring all those young people back into that arena and give them a new lease of life to kickstart the industry again.

Mitchell is also a fashion designer and showcased her Letila Mijieli line at the FJFWxPalmolive 2022 show last night.

She says she is very proud of her collection, as it has been two years of research into the sustainable side of fashion.

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