First case of monkeypox virus confirmed in Ireland

The first case of monkeypox virus has been confirmed in the Republic of Ireland.

The Health Protection Surveillance Center (HPSC) said it was informed last night that a case of monkeypox has been confirmed in the east of the country.

In a statement, the Health Service Executive (HSE) said that the person who has the virus in the east of the country has not been hospitalized.

The statement added: “The HPSC was notified last night of a confirmed case of monkey pox in Ireland, in the east of the country. This person has not been hospitalized. This was not unexpected after the presence of monkey pox cases in the UK and many European countries.

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“Public health is monitoring those who had close contact with the person with monkeypox while they were contagious. In order to maintain patient confidentiality, no further information about this person will be provided.

“A suspicious case is also being investigated and test results are awaited. A public health risk assessment has been carried out and those who have been in contact with the person are advised on what to do in the event that they become ill.

“The case in Ireland comes after more than two hundred other confirmed cases of monkeypox were reported worldwide in recent weeks, including from the UK (with one case reported recently in Northern Ireland.”

Monkeypox is endemic to African countries, but has recently spread to non-endemic countries in Europe and the United States.

It causes symptoms such as fever, pain and a characteristic bumpy rash.

There are more than 200 confirmed or suspected cases of monkeypox in about 10 countries where it has not been circulated before.

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