Find the hidden faces in these 7 cool brain teasers

Can you spot the hidden faces in these seven optical illusions?

If you have time for a few brain teasers, then it’s your lucky day. We collected seven mind-boggling optical illusions that are full of secret symbols. Find the hidden faces in these tricky images to prove you’re in the top 1%.

Need a warm-up before diving in at the deep end? Tap or click here to test yourself with a viral visual puzzle that has amazed people all over the internet. Once you’ve proved your mettle, come back to this article and see if you can spot the seven faces hidden among these optical illusion tests.

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Get ready for the face off

Dive into the iridescent world of D. “Rusty” Rust, a Pennsylvania artist with a passion for abstract artwork. This talented illusionist has created many paintings that double as brain tricks for kids, teens and seniors who want to keep their minds sharp.

These seven stunning optical illusions present a clear challenge: find the hidden faces. It’s trickier than you might think, which is why optical illusions are such popular visual puzzles.

Check out the seven funny facial illusions below. Don’t let the dazzling images distract you from the goal of proving your genius. See if you can discover the secrets in these beautiful illusions.

1. Nat King Cole would love this one

Let’s start with an easy warm-up. Look over this photo. See the famous face hiding behind the father and son fishing together?

Here’s a hint: the title of the painting is The Art of Fishing. Focus on art

2. Turquoise dreams

Now let’s move on to one that is a little more difficult. You may briefly see a simple image of a wave crashing into the ocean. You may be looking at the boat and staring at a hidden face.

Don’t give up if you can’t find the hidden face. Just keep riding the wave, as a surfer would say.

3. Can you find the hidden faces in this whirring photo?

Not all lions roar to announce their presence. Some are quiet and majestic. Some are easy to miss.

This optical illusion is a bit tricky. It may take a while to find the hidden faces in this photo. †Tip:: Not all the hidden faces in this article are people!)

4. Beautiful gazebo

A beautiful sunset makes these geese look almost angelic. On the other hand, it is easy to admire geese when they are in oil rather than in the meat. Or in the feathersto be precise.

After all, a painted goose cannot run at you or stir up a storm like a real goose. Maybe that’s why the hidden face in this optical illusion has such a big smile.

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5. Lonely Wolf

Although the wolf on the cliff howls desperately, he is not as alone as he might think. Family may be closer than he thinks.

If you see the hidden wolf in this painting, you are ready to hunt for the many animal faces in this next challenging optical illusion.

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6. Can you find the hidden faces in this painting? (Hint: there are many!)

What do you see first when you look at this optical illusion? You may see a hunter for the first time in an idyllic forest landscape. But you might see the turkey in the middle if you’re hungry.

This beautiful optical illusion has many secrets that are difficult to recognize at first. In fact, this image hides a total of six hidden human faces. (We don’t count the fighter, of course.)

Here’s a hint: the sixth face is far from the others. Keep looking and take your time. The satisfaction once you see the hidden face will be worth it!

7. This one may take a while

Look over the cars, the characters, the foliage, the sky and the house in this painting. As you can see it is full of color and character.

However, don’t be too blinded. Take a moment to scan the scene. It will be super impressive if you can find the hidden faces in less than a minute.

Did you enjoy finding the hidden faces?

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