Fans of Junji Ito’s Horror Manga should try this terrifying RPG

Junji Ito is considered a master of horror manga. His haunting tales of the strange and inexplicable have brought him into mainstream consciousness, with his works often referenced by other franchises. Uzumaki and The riddle at Amigara Fault are among his most famous titles and have inspired many other creators with his mastery. He has influenced not only the horror genre of manga, but also video games.

world of horror is a turn-based RPG that uses a 1-bit pixel art style and chiptune music to tell a tale of terror. Set in 198X, a Japanese coastal town begins to experience more and more madness as the apocalypse looms on the horizon. Strange creatures roam the streets and hunt the unsuspecting citizens as the ancient gods awaken from their slumber. By controlling one of the playable characters, the player can explore the city and its many mysteries, with each mystery having multiple possible endings.

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The main goal in world of horror is to collect five keys that will unlock the city’s lighthouse. To find these keys, the player must solve five randomly selected mysteries. With the expiration of each turn, the player’s chosen character will slowly lose his mind and the city will fall into the control of the Old God. This is displayed with the DOOM status, which will increase with most actions.

Once the meter reaches 100 or the Stamina or Reason meters drop below 0, the character dies and the player loses the game. The characters’ skills and stats can be upgraded, just like in a game Dungeons and Dragons or Call of Cthulhu† There are also a number of random events that can affect a character’s stats based on the choices the player makes. It is up to the player to decide which mysteries to solve in which order in order to effectively manage his stats.

The game was created by Polish game developer Paweł Koźmiński (Panstasz) and published by Ysbryd Games in 2020, when it received an early access release on Steam. The game has not yet fully launched at the time of writing, but received an update with new content in December 2021. A 1.0 release is slated for sometime in 2022. Panstasz has officially stated that the game is a “love letter to the works of Junji Ito and HP Lovecraft,” a sentiment that has echoed on the official website. world of horror Place. The chosen drawing style is reminiscent of 80s adventure games, adding to the gruesome atmosphere that the game radiates. The game offers a standard run, a quick play option, and a custom run.

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HP Lovecraft and Junji Ito have both left their mark on the cosmic horror and sci-fi world. world of horror encompasses not only the frenzy of alien abominations and elder gods, but also the disturbing emotions that would result if these situations happened. There’s a creeping fear that permeates the atmosphere, something Ito is iconic for. This game takes the terror he has mastered and puts it into a playable format.

world of horror is currently available on Steam,, GOG, and the Windows Store.

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