F1 qualifying LIVE: Monaco Grand Prix FP3 updates as Charles Leclerc aims to land pole over Max Verstappen

<p>Max Verstappen on track during practice for the Monaco Grand Prix</p>
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Max Verstappen on track during practice for the Monaco Grand Prix

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The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​here with Formula 1 arriving at its seventh race of the 2022 season after last week’s Spanish Grand Prix. The prestigious race has been the source of much speculation this week, with F1 owner Liberty Media pondering how to expand the sport and jeopardize the historic race due to a number of factors, including: a small audience compared to other races, paid a small fee for the privilege of hosting one of the 22 Grand Prix and the relatively difficult overtaking potential and exciting moves.

But Charles Leclerc, Ferrari’s Monegasque driver who has lived in Monaco all his life, insists it would be a “bad move” to take the race away. I’m not F1. F1 has a number of historic circuits such as Silverstone and Monza – as well as Monaco. And they have to stay on the calendar. Monaco is one of the best circuits out there, in terms of qualifying there are no places I enjoy so much and where the driver can make such a difference. The races are so close. You still feel the danger because you really have the feeling of speed and qualifying is probably the most exciting of the year. I agree that during the races there might be some things we can change here and there to help overtaking. But in terms of the challenge for the drivers, it is one of the toughest challenges of the year.”

Leclerc will hope to regain the lead over Red Bull’s world champion Max Verstappen, who is six points ahead in the drivers’ standings, while Sainz will also hope to help close Red Bull’s 26-point lead in the constructors’ title. race. Mercedes continues to struggle with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell desperate for the top of races. Follow live updates from FP3 and build-up to qualifying this afternoon in Monte-Carlo:


Monaco Grand Prix: P3

Sainz fastest in P3, with +0.643 from Alonso. Verstappen now also out.

Leclerc now leads the standings, Sainz +0.106 back.

Very promising for Ferrari so far after 13 minutes P3.

Jack RathbornMay 28, 2022 12:12 PM


Monaco Grand Prix: P3

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(AFP via Getty Images)

Jack RathbornMay 28, 2022 12:10 PM


Monaco Grand Prix: P3

Here we go, a crucial hour to prepare for qualifying. Every pole is vital, but especially in Monaco.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner: “They shouldn’t” [to complain about the car], yesterday we didn’t have an optimal setup, last night a lot of work. A job of trust, you have to give your drivers confidence.

“You have to look at each race by race, it is finding a compromise between performance in one lap, which is a premium here, maybe sacrificing a long run.

“The most telling thing in the first session was a lap on the medium and when it locked up the tires will get better with each lap. I think it’s the tires, but also the track that boosts the drivers. This session they are approaching the barriers. It’s about going with the track.”

Jack RathbornMay 28, 2022 12:05 PM


George Russell has ‘a lot to improve’ over Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton

George Russell has admitted he has “a lot to improve on” despite his impressive start to life at Mercedes, where the 24-year-old took an early lead over teammate Lewis Hamilton in the championship.

Despite Mercedes’ early struggles, Russell has performed well during his first season with the team and took a podium finish at the Spanish Grand Prix last weekend. It continued his run of consecutive top-five finishes to open the season, but despite his consistency, the British driver said he is not yet the complete “package”, at least compared to seven-time world champion Hamilton.

Reflecting on his start to the season, Russell told reporters ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix: “I’m just focusing on myself and trying to do the best work possible – and wherever that takes me, I’ll be a give rating.

“I believe in myself, but I still have a lot to improve. I don’t feel like I’m really optimizing the package and compared to Lewis I still have room to improve on some points.”

Jack RathbornMay 28, 2022 11:45 am


F1: Monaco Grand Prix 2022

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Lewis Hamilton allowed to wear jewelry in Monaco as exemption extended

The seven-time world champion, 37, was told earlier this month in Miami that his nose bolt – which he says cannot be easily removed – must be removed before the seventh round of the campaign in Monte Carlo.

But Formula 1’s governing body, the FIA, which maintains the jewelry for safety reasons, has granted Hamilton a new June 30 deadline – three days before the British Grand Prix.

Hamilton said on Friday: “Honestly, I feel like there’s just way too much time and energy being spent on it.

Jack RathbornMay 28, 2022 11:27 am


Bernie Ecclestone denies being arrested in Brazil after gun was found in luggage

The 91-year-old Briton, now in Portugal, told… Reuters a “silly little incident” had caused a lot of annoyance when he and his family tried to leave Sao Paulo on a private plane on Wednesday evening.

“I haven’t had any publicity lately and I thought I had to do something to get some,” he joked in a phone call.

Jack RathbornMay 28, 2022 11:18


‘I’m fucking losing my mind’: Lewis Hamilton driven ‘crazy’ by Mercedes battle at Monaco Grand Prix

Mercedes’ struggles with ‘porpoises’ have returned at the Monaco Grand Prix, when Lewis Hamilton complained that he was “f****** losing my mind” over the “bouncing” he experienced in his car.

Hamilton had arrived in Monte Carlo after his best performance of the year at the Spanish Grand Prix last weekend and with Mercedes confidence that they had solved most of the performance issues that have plagued their season so far.

But the team’s troubles continued into opening practice on Friday when a frustrated Hamilton complained on his team radio: “It’s so bouncy here, mate. I’m fucking losing my mind.”

Jack RathbornMay 28, 2022 11:09


How to take the perfect photo of the Monaco Grand Prix: ‘To get on the Ritz-Carlton roof you need a superior plan’

Through a photographer’s lens, some F1 tracks are unavoidably ugly.

Silverstone, for example, is an old RAF airfield that is flat and characterless like a gray desert, punctuated by patches of grass as if someone had once tried to brighten it up a bit.

Others are irresistibly beautiful, such as Austria’s Red Bull Ring, a course surrounded by forest, with sweeping curves that seem to rise into the Alps behind them.

Jack RathbornMay 28, 2022 11:00


F1: Monaco Grand Prix 2022

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