Everything you can do on Canary Wharf this summer

Nothing can wag a Londoner’s chin like a new tube line. And with the arrival of our new purple friend, the Elizabeth line, the options for exploring the city this summer are only expanding.

Just 6 minutes from Liverpool Street, 9 minutes from Farringdon and 17 minutes from Paddington, you can now travel with ultimate ease to one of the greatest contributors to London’s iconic skyline!

Whether you’re looking for a fun day of activities, an after-work drink with friends, or just a place to relax by the water, Canary Wharf has an endless list of hot spots to try. With a wealth of food and drink options to explore and plenty of free events on offer, this is the perfect summer hangout!

Discover an array of fantastic free art on the outdoor trails of Canary Wharf

Get to know London’s vibrant art scene without spending a dime and enjoy an afternoon meandering through the excellent outdoor art routes of Canary Wharf. These free routes include works by artists such as Camille Walala, Henry Moore, Julian Wild, and Ottotto. You can also visit amazing installations such as the ‘Urban Refuge’, made with donated denim items from shoppers collected on World Earth Day.

In a playful combination of art and outdoor adventure, artists Craig Redman and Karl Maier have designed a bold, bright mini golf course that is free to use. Packed with colorful designs and new features, this charming installation is the perfect activity for all ages.

Canary Wharf Summer two women playing mini golf
Credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

Sit back at an outdoor cinema screening

This summer you can also enjoy the best of both worlds with Canary Wharf’s large summer screens. Don’t waste a moment of the sun sitting indoors, visit Canada Square Park or Union Square for a great program of screenings. From sports competitions to Pride Month Movie Nights and Family Film Club, there is something for everyone.

canary wharf summer festival14

Catch unforgettable free live performances at Festival14

Get your festival fix in Canary Wharf this summer with Festival14’s fantastic program of free music acts. Between July 21 and 24, Canary Wharf’s parks, gardens, plazas and outdoor spaces come alive during a four-day arts festival, which also hosts an array of great dance, theater and comedy acts. From hip-hop legend Grandmaster Flash and disco diva Jocelyn Brown to the mesmerizing House Gospel Choir, this top lineup is not to be missed. You can also participate in the festival’s variety of free workshops and events, and don’t forget to visit the street food market and eat something delicious!

Canary Wharf MMy Wood Wharf Pasta

Feast on foodie favorites

If you’re feeling peckish, head to Mercato Metropolitano’s MMy Wood Wharf for a tasty snack. This new artisan food market offers excellent global cuisine, from Chinese street food to Neapolitan pizza and big juicy burgers to craft beer and cocktails. Between Thursday and Saturday they are even open until 1am, so you can enjoy every last minute of your evening. And if you head down to The Temple of Art and Music under MMy Wood Wharf, enjoy jazz nights and live music to really spice things up!

canary yard summer lighting

Light it up at the Summer Lights Exhibition

But be sure to catch a glimpse of the Summer Lights exhibit while it’s still daylight. Eleven new installations will transform Canary Wharf’s outdoor spaces into sparkling, colorful spaces. Enhanced by the play of natural light, the installations will create beautiful patterns, reflections and colors from the moment the sun rises.

canary yard summer goboats

Go to the water

What better way to rediscover London from a new perspective than from the water? You and up to seven mates can spend a blissful afternoon cruising through a stunning selection of London’s Docklands. Just pack a picnic, hop on one of Canary Wharf’s self-driving GoBoats, and after some quick instructions from their crew, you’re off. The boats are also dog friendly, so you can bring your pup for the ride!

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