Everything We Know About ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5

Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 has arrived, and now fans can watch the entire season in its entirety, including the wild 2.5-hour finale. Now everyone wants to know when season 5 is coming here, and if we have to wait forever for it to come here again.

Let’s go through what we know.

Concerning the Strangers Things Season 5 Release DateOf course, that hasn’t been announced yet. The Duffer Brothers have said they hope to start shooting soon, but we don’t have a date for that either. All we can do is look to the past to see the gaps between the past seasons of the show to get some sort of estimate:

  • Season 1 – July 15, 2016
  • Season 2 – October 27, 2017 (15.5 months later)
  • Season 3 – July 4, 2019 (20 months later)
  • Season 4 – May 27, 2022 (35 months later)

Okay, so that’s not great. Stranger Things has longer gaps than most shows, and while I don’t think we’ll find ourselves in a new three-year situation, which was due to the pandemic, I think the most likely idea is that it’s probably at the very least year and a half, given the gaps in the past. If so, that would make Stranger Things arrive somewhere nearby late fall 2023

It does not change the format of the release. Netflix has responded to the idea that Season 4 was split into two parts, but that was due to production requirements, not an attempt to spread interest. They have said there are no plans to make Stranger Things season 5 a weekly release, sticking to the traditional Netflix binge formula.

It will probably have some sort of time jump† This is from the Duffer Brothers, who seem to be making this decision based on the age of the cast, most of whom are now in their late teens or early 20s, but they’re still supposed to play 14-year-olds. Here’s the quote:

“I’m sure we’ll make a time jump,” said Ross Duffer. “Ideally we should have shot” [Seasons 4 and 5] back to back, but there just wasn’t a viable way to do that.”

It’s the last season† This has been said a number of times at this point, but I know some people were under the impression that season 4 would be the last. Not the case, and the show will end with season 5. But…

A Stranger Things spin-off is coming. This has not yet been officially announced by Netflix, but the Duffer Bros. talk about it openly. They say Finn Wolfhard actually randomly guessed the idea for the spin-off:

“The reason we didn’t do anything is just because you don’t want to do it for the wrong reasons, and it was like, ‘Is this something I’d like to make, regardless of whether it’s Stranger Things related or not?’ And sure. Even if we take the Stranger Things title off, I’m so excited about it. But it’s not… It’s going to be different from what everyone expects, including Netflix.”

“Finn Wolfhard, he wasn’t spitting, he just said, ‘I think this would be a cool spin-off. And we were like, ‘How in the world…'”

So Stranger Things is going to be a “universe” even when season 5 airs, because the Duffers haven’t read it yet to let it go. More info will follow, but that’s the most for now.

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