Everything is coming to (and leaving) HBO and HBO Max in June 2022

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HBO and HBO Max just released their June lineup, and there’s plenty to rave about for streaming fans. west world is back for more madness and mayhem as a human revolution goes against a robotic army (led by Tessa Thompson, of course). Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander plays a woman who blurs the line between fiction and reality in terrifying ways in the limited series Irma Vepo† And for comedy fans, Andy Garcia blows the Bride’s Father plot for a new generation.

Here’s everything coming to (and leaving) HBO and HBO Max in June.

west world: Season 4 (HBO series streaming 26/6)

The mind-blowing sci-fi series kicks off its fourth season with a human revolution and the return of Evan Rachel Wood. Despite Dolores dying in season three, Wood is back as some form of the park’s most infamous host. Maeve hunts her daughter, Caleb leads the Resistance, Charlotte Hale builds a robotic army, and Bernard searches for the Sublime. So yes, we have a lot of territory to cover this time.

Irma Vepo (HBO limited series streaming 6/6)

Olivier Assayas directs this limited series based on his 90s film. This time, Oscar winner Alicia Vikander plays his muse, a young actress named Mira who becomes increasingly disillusioned with fame and her lackluster artistic career. She reinvents herself playing Vep under the direction of an eccentric author, but the lines between actress and character begin to blur in disturbing ways.

Bride’s Father (HBO Max Movie Streaming 16/6)

In this remake of the beloved ’90s film series, Andy Garcia takes on the title role of a Cuban family patriarch struggling with his daughter’s impending marriage. The regular hijinks ensue as relationships between the big and boisterous brood are pushed to breaking point in hilarious ways.

Everything is coming to HBO and HBO Max in June

available. 6/1
13 on the way to the 302004
A star is born2018
kidnapping2011 (HBO)
through the universe2007 (HBO)
The Adventures of Mark Twain1944
The amazing panda adventure1995
Angels & Demons2009
The Ant Bully2006
Murder Nation2018 (HBO)
Babylon AD2008
the bank job2008
Beach Rats2017 (HBO)
bee movie2007 (HBO)
Blue Bayou2021 (HBO)
Border2018 (HBO)
Colossal2016 (HBO)
caro comes out2019 (HBO)
chef2014 (HBO)
The scam is on2018 (HBO)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon2000
damsel2018 (HBO)
Dark alley1947
day breakers2009 (HBO)
The Da Vinci Code2006
Domino2005 (HBO)
extraction2020 (HBO)
The firm1993
first blood1982
The Grand Budapest Hotel2014 (HBO)
Gridiron Gang2006
guess who2005
hairspray (Musical Remake), 2007
The Harvey Girls1946
How do you know that2010
How they came across2017
How do you survive a plague?2012
The holiday2006 (HBO)
I know what you did last summer1997
I still remember what you did last summer1998
I will always know what you did last summer2006
I will see you in my dreams2015 (HBO)
The Importance of Being Earnest2002 (HBO)
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone2013
The Rainmaker by John Grisham1997
rag, 1971
The last movie star2017 (HBO)
Life partners2014 (HBO)
Macbeth2015 (HBO)
Major League II1994
Major League: Back to the Minors1998
The mask1994
McQueen2018 (HBO)
My boss’s daughter2003 (HBO)
My days of mercy2017 (HBO)
My dead father2021
The one I love2014 (HBO)
paper2020 (HBO)
Paris is on fire1990
Rambo III1988 (HBO)
Rambo First Blood, Part II1985 (HBO)
religious2008 (HBO)
Remember me2010 (HBO)
Ride along2014 (HBO)
Ride the high land1962
sabotage2014 (HBO)
sleepers1996 (HBO)
Soul Surfer2011
French Suite2014 (HBO)
The intake of Pelham 123, 2009
Total Recall1990 (HBO)
unfinished song2012 (HBO)
A father not so father2016
w.2008 (HBO)
guards (movie), 2009
What’s happening in Vegas?2008 (HBO) (Extended version)
The world according to Garp1982 (HBO)
The Disappearance of Sydney Hall2017 (HBO)

available. 6/3
On the road with Irina RimesMax Original Documentary
Mixtec knot2021 (HBO)

available. 6/6
doctor whoSeason 13
​Irma VepLimited drama series premiere (HBO)
Total dramaSeason S3A

available. 6/8
The Jane’sDocumentary premiere (HBO)

available. 6/9
AmsterdamMax Original Season 1 Premiere
Roadrunner: a film about Anthony BourdainMax Original Documentary Premiere
Summer Camp IslandMax Original Season 6 Premiere

available. 6/10
The card counter2021 (HBO)
OdoSeason 3
Victor and ValentinoSeason 3B

available. 6/15
UnitSeason 2

available. 6/16
Bride’s Father2022

available. 6/17
Luke the SpinSeason 1B
The best families (aka Best Families), 2020 (HBO)
Nonstop2014 (HBO)

available. 6/19
Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up!

available. 6/20
bird girlSeason 2

available. 6/22
All American: Homecoming
Chernobyl: The Lost TapesDocumentary premiere (HBO)

available. 6/23
Little EllenMax Original Season 3 Premiere
Menudo: Forever YoungMax Original Documentary Premiere
Wellington ParanormalSeason 3

available. 6/24
BingSeason 1B
Rich and shamelessSeason 1
Tuca & BertieSeason 2

available. 6/26
west worldSeason 4 (HBO)

available. 6/30
CCP The Secret PowerMax Original Premiere
Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The UndergroundMax Original Premiere

Everything will leave HBO and HBO Max in June

Departure 6/9
12 Strong2018

Departure 6/30
2 guns2013
20 feet from stardom2013 (HBO)
All dogs go to heaven1996 (HBO)
Dogs go to heaven 21996 (HBO)
all i see is you2016 (HBO)
Amityville 3-D1983
Amityville II: The Possession1982
Barry Munday2010 (HBO)
Black Hawk Down2001 (HBO)
Blades Of Glory2007 (HBO)
Brother Nature2016 (HBO)
Chaplin1992 (HBO)
dark water2005 (HBO)
duplex2003 (HBO)
early man2018 (HBO)
Endless Love2014 (HBO)
thank god2004 (HBO)
Good Neighbors2010 (HBO)
High-rise buildings2015 (HBO)
Wanderer with a shotgun2011 (HBO)
hostage2005 (HBO)
I used to go here2020 (HBO)
identity thief2013 (HBO) (Extended version)
John dies at the end2012 (HBO)
JoyfulNoise2012 (HBO)
kill gunther2017 (HBO)
La Gallina Turuleca (aka Turu, The Wacky Hen), 2019 (HBO)
The divorce2003 (HBO)
Leonard Cohen: I am your man2005 (HBO)
Small man2006 (HBO)
the wolves2019 (HBO)
Loser leaves town2018 (HBO)
Love and A.45.1994 (HBO)
lucky numbers2000 (HBO)
Men’s Matchstick2003
Max sample2016 (HBO)
mouse hunt1997 (HBO)
presumably innocent1990
Princess Kaiukani2009 (HBO)
real steel2011 (HBO)
rounders1998 (HBO)
Saturday evening fever1977 (HBO) (Director’s Cut)
Shall we Dance?1996 (HBO)
She’s totally 1999 (HBO)
soul food1997 (HBO)
Spare parts2015 (HBO)
Speed ​​2 Cruise Control, 1997 (HBO)
Stay alive1983
Still waiting2009 (HBO)
Sunset Song2015 (HBO)
Super Capers2009 (HBO)
superstar1999 (HBO)
The 15:17 to Paris2015 (HBO)
The Gospel According to André2017 (HBO)
The past five years2014 (HBO)
The letter2012 (HBO)
the mummy1999 (HBO)
The mummy returns2001 (HBO)
The next three days2010 (HBO)
the peacemaker1997 (HBO)
The Scorpion King, 2002 (HBO)
the wild life1984 (HBO)
Wrist clippers: a love story2006 (HBO)
Trance2013 (HBO)
Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls2007 (HBO)
Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Crazy Black Woman2005 (HBO)
Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself2009 (HBO)
Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes To Jail2009 (HBO)
Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family2011 (HBO)
Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion2006 (HBO)
Tyler Perry’s Why Am I Married Too?2010 (HBO)
Venus and Serena2012 (HBO)
Waiting…2005 (HBO)
What’s the worst that could happen?2001 (HBO)
Wonder Boys2000 (HBO)
Wrong exit at Tahoe2009 (HBO)
The yellow birds2017 (HBO)

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