Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal Star in New Perdro Almodòvar’s “Answer” on ‘Brokeback Mountain’

Pride Month has another little surprise in store: Spanish director Pedro Almodòvar is working on a new film that he promises will give us what we thought Brokeback Mountain should have been like this.

The outspoken filmmaker will start shooting his short film, Strange way of lifein August, and plans to use Brokeback Mountain as a guide. Unlike the 2005 Ang Lee-directed film, Almodòvar wants the sex scenes to be more intimate and doesn’t want to face any ‘limitations’.

“I think Ang Lee made a great movie, but I never thought they would give me complete freedom and independence to make what I wanted,” Almodóvar told IndieWire of passing the film in 2005. “Nobody has told me – they said, ‘You can do whatever you want’, but I knew there was a limitation.”

Oscar-winning director Ang Lee took over the project from bought back 17 years ago, but Almodòvar turned down the project because he thought that Hollywood would not give him the full creativity. He hopes his 30-minute film will be his “answer” to the classic film. Call me a lion, for I want to see this short roar!

Starring Ethan Hawke as a sheriff named Jake, and Pedro Pascal as the gunfighter Silva, the short film is set in a desert and follows the couple as they reunite after 25 years apart, on opposite sides of the sand.

“So one of them travels across the desert to find the other,” Almodóvar told the outlet. “There will be a confrontation between them, but the story is very intimate.” When asked about the romance between the two, he replied, “You can guess. I mean, masculinity is one of the subjects of the film.”

Part of the reason why Almodòvar is tackling this short term? He thought Brokeback Mountain needed a little more “horny”.

“The relationship between these two guys is animalistic,” Almodóvar told the site about the 2005 film. “It was a physical relationship. The film’s blow comes when they have to split up, and Heath Ledger finds out he can’t bear the thought of leaving. That’s a strong discovery. But up until that point it was animalistic, and for me it was impossible to have that in the movie because it was a Hollywood movie. You can’t let these two guys fuck all the time.”

There is currently no date set for when Strange way of life will be released but you better get your cowboy suits ready because we are going to have a wild ride.

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