Entire creative teams and main characters in DC’s Harley Quinn Romances


Here are the full creative teams for the upcoming one DC’s Harley Quinn Romancesout on January 31, 2023… including who will do the hooking up.

  • Harley Quinn in “STRANGER THAN FAN FICTION” Written by Alexis Quasarano Art by Max Sarin Color through Marisa Louise Letters through Taylor Esposito
  • Batman in “HERE’S FOR JACK, HERE’S FOR MOLLY” Written by Zipporah Smith Art by Will Robinson Color through Andrew Dalhouse Letters through Steve Wands
  • Power Girl in “POWER GIRL AND ALL-AMERICAN BOY” Written by Amanda Delbert Art by Adrian Melo Color through John Kalisz Letters through Becca Carey
  • Constantine in “GRACE” Written by Frank Allen Art by John Macrea Color through Mike Spicer Letters through Becca Carey
  • Fire And Ice In “DATING API’ DISASTER” Written By Raphael Draccon and Caroline Munhoz Art by lg Guam Color through Ivan Plascencia Letters through Becca Carey
  • Midnighter and Apollo in “ACROSS THE MULTIVERSE” Written by Greg Lockard Art by Julius Macaione Color through Fab Nocera Letters through Adana Maher
  • Kite Man in “ONCE UPON A ROMANCE NOVEL” Written by Jessica Berry Art by Priscilla Petraites Color through Michael Atiyeh Letters through Saida Temofonte
  • Aquaman and Harley Quinn in “SPLENDOR IN THE FOAM” Written by Ivan Cohen Art by Fig Ossio Color through Sebastian Cheng Letters through Charles M. Manual

(W) Miscellaneous (A) Miscellaneous (CA) Amanda Conner
Written by Greg Lockard, Alexis Quasarano, Frank Allen, Zipporah Smith, Amanda Deibert, Ivan Cohen, Raphael Draccon, Carolina Munhóz and others. Art by Max Sarin, Fico Ossio, Adriana Melo, Giulio Macaione and others. DC is proud to present a selection of eight stories of riotous romance, prodigious passion and unbridled unbridled affection. Tension builds as Apollo and Midnighter are captured by an unknown alien species determined to discover the secrets of their super-soldier success. Harley Quinn gets caught up in a sparkling fantasy: What would life have been like if she and Ivy had met in high school? Also with fire and ice heating things up, the romantic story of favorite heroine Power Girl, the mysterious tryst of John Constantine, an amorous Aquaman adventure and much more! These are lovemaking fantasies as only DC can tell…but it’s not a Harlequin romance…get ready for the Harley Quinn Romances!
Retail Price: $9.99 In Store Date: 1/31/2023

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