Emmerdale’s Sally Dexter Reflects On Faith Dingle’s Impending Exit

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale Fan favorite Faith Dingle’s cancer story will take a turn in the coming scenes when she discovers it has spread through her body and she refuses to undergo further chemotherapy.

Indeed, the storyline serves as an exit storyline for actress Sally Dexter, who, in an interview with TV times magazine.

“Part of the script reflects how I feel – she’s racing to her end and I’m racing to the end of my time in Emmerdale,” she said.


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“While I think it’s the right choice, it’s pretty devastating because I’m going to leave people I really care about, like Jeff. [Hordley]Lucy [Pargeter] and Natalie [J Robb]† It is extraordinary to work with them. I don’t just mean their acting abilities, but them as human beings.

“I think [the exit storyline] is excellent. I didn’t read the scripts before her death, but I hope it’s as positive as possible. This isn’t just a cancer story; it’s a broader story about family.

“The great thing about death is the thing that precedes it, that thing called life, and all the love that goes with it. I would love it if everyone watching had a bottle of gin to toast her!”

Cain Dingle and Faith Dingle in Emmerdale


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Speaking of the things that happen before her final goodbye, Sally teased that Faith has “some crazy” plans up her sleeve, but great-granddaughter Sarah will also help her learn that she can enjoy the smaller things in life.

“That’s a big learning curve for Faith. She looks at her world in a more appreciative way, and there’s a very special moment between her and Cain.”

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