Emmerdale’s Al and Chas Begin Secret Affair – But Fans ‘Train’ That They’re ‘Related’

Emmerdale aired the start of an affair between Chas Dingle and Al Chapman on Thursday night as she sought solace amid her mother Faith’s cancer diagnosis

Chas Dingle and Al Chapman kicked off their long-awaited affair in the ITV soap.
Chas Dingle and Al Chapman kicked off their long-awaited affair in the ITV soap.

Emmerdale fans were shocked on Thursday when Chas Dingle and Al Chapman kicked off their highly anticipated fling in the ITV soap.

Chas (Lucy Pargeter) goes after husband Paddy Kirk and seeks comfort in the arms of Al (Michael Wildman) amid her mother Faith’s cancer ordeal.

After Faith (Sally Dexter) finally tells her kids that her cancer has returned and is terminal, the Woolpack executive struggles to cope with the news, especially after her mother suggested the idea of ​​curtailing the aggressive chemotherapy treatment.

Chas has been married to Paddy (Dominic Brunt) for two years and the couple have built their own family, but he struggles to say the right thing to comfort his wife.

This prompted Al to offer Chas support on Thursday’s episode of the soap, when they opened up about their family dramas.

Chas seeks comfort in the arms of family enemy Al

A sympathetic Al comforted Chas after his father’s funeral, reasoning that she would be more honest with her mother so that they can both face the reality of her death.

This prompted the Woolpack manager to apologize to her mother for inducing her to undergo chemo.

But when Paddy took home the hospice flyers, Chas took out her frustrations on Al after suggesting she had misunderstood.

Again Al offered his support, promising Chas that he could be the shoulder she should lean on.

Al comforted Chas after his father’s funeral

Chas thanked him and the couple soon opened a bottle of wine and, wanting to forget everything, bonded over Faith’s stories.

But there was a romantic tension in the air and as he left Chas ran into Al and they shared a kiss.

Emmerdale viewers were shocked at this point and took to Twitter to express condolences to Chas’ husband Paddy and even speculated that Al could be related to Chas Dingle in what would be a huge turn of events.

A fan wrote down the possible identity of his adoptive mother after it was revealed that Al’s adoptive father had died.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Emmerdale is pretty sure there will be a twist at Al’s father’s funeral and that his adoptive mother will somehow be related to Faith.”

They added, “Not exactly incest, but it will cloud the waters with Chas if they start doing it!” The fan went on to joke that Rodney could very well be Al’s real father and joked, “Again, Rodney is a bit of a ***!”

The couple will start an affair next week

Another fan took pity on Paddy, writing, “I think I’ve tweeted this before, possibly more than once, but here it comes anyway….poor Paddy!”

Another said: “Really URGH Chas & Al? Just because he shows her the slightest bit of attention? Paddy has literally been there for her regardless of the never-ending drama the Dingles somehow bring him.

“He deserves so much better. Isn’t it enough that Al has already broken up a Dingle marriage?’

If the pair embark on an affair next week amid Cain Dingle’s ongoing feud with the businessman, what awaits the former rivals when their bond takes a turn for the worse?

Emmerdale is broadcast on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV.

Do you have theories or thoughts about the storyline? Let us know in the comments below.

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