Emirates News Agency – Yacht and Equestrian Exhibition Continues with Massive Public Turnout

ABU DHABI, September 27 / WAM / Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the ruler’s representative in the Al Dhafra region, President of the Emirates Falconers Club, and under a large public turnout, the activities of the 19th edition of the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (Abu Dhabi 2022), hosted by the Emirates Falconers Club, will take place in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, which will host the largest event of its kind in the Middle East and Africa, until October 2nd.

The exhibition, which is celebrating its twentieth year in the current session, has made a qualitative leap at all levels, and this is confirmed by the figures obtained, as the number of exhibitors has multiplied more than 22 times, and the exhibition space has expanded about 10 times .Today, more than 900 exhibitors and brands from 58 countries will participate in Abu Dhabi 2022 in an area of ​​more than 60,000 square meters, and the exhibition will achieve the highest growth rate in its history, compared with 680 exhibitors from 44 countries in an area of 50,000 square meters in the Previous 2021/ session alongside unprecedented local, regional and international media coverage of this new session.

While participating in the Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition, Marshall Gulf Electronics will showcase the latest device for tracking falcons via satellites without relying on the Internet or the need for mobile networks.

The device allows falconers to train their birds to hunt at a distance as the tracking device is installed on the body of the falcon and then paired with iPhone or iPad devices to track the falcon’s path in all its details, in addition to the ability to measure the falcon’s speed and record height and weight to gauge its performance from one flight to the next. In addition to the ability to record the entire flight, so the falconer can compare this information after each round to develop the falcon’s skills and review the record later.

The cost of the tracking equipment ranges from 6000 dirhams to about 30 thousand dirhams, depending on how many tracking chips the falconer asks to put on one falcon. Enjoy sniping experience and improve the performance of the falcon.

Mohamed Fouad, director of sales and service for Al-Ala at Marshall Radio Gulf Electronics, confirmed that the latest version of the falcon tracking system was developed last year 2021 to meet the needs of falconers to know all the details of the falcon’s hunting journey without the necessity of any internet, because the technology works without internet. It is linked to satellites, indicating that the operating system is simple and that falconers are trained on it.

Fouad said modern satellite tracking equipment could be used to locate falcons after they are released and to monitor their nests and the surrounding environment to return the falcons to their native habitats and to save rare breeds from extinction and to maintain ecological balance and to support nature. the survival chances of rare falcon species.

As usual, Albaddad Capital Group actively participates in the exhibition activities as the pavilion witnessed a large turnout of the public.

Bilal Abdul Rahman Hamdan, director of business development for the group, which was founded in 1971 in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, said Albaddad Capital Group has expanded its capabilities and geographic spread as the company now has offices and branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. , the State of Qatar, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the United States of America and Australia, and there are representatives of the company in more than one country.

Hamdan indicated that Albaddad Capital Group is registered in the Guinness Book of World Records through the largest warehouse it has built on an area of ​​503,751 square feet.

Now serving a wide range of clients thanks to its decades of experience, Al-Baddad International is looking for more ways to transform external structures into ideal spaces in the United Arab Emirates and abroad. For hunting and equestrian specific, to all attend events and showrooms and see Al-Baddad Capital’s designs and latest innovations, expressing his admiration for the designs executed by Al-Baddad Company, especially in the field of building field hospitals in an integrated and accurate way, in addition to the products of prefabricated buildings units.

He emphasized that the Abu Dhabi International Hunting Fair works to preserve heritage and tradition and combines contemporary, and that he is a personal enthusiast of falcons, camels, horse auctions and traditional archery shows, and therefore enjoys his presence in the exhibition as a participant and visitor at the same time.

Q Holdings is keen to participate in the fair continuously because of its belief in its many benefits and its role in promoting its real estate projects to the target audiences as the fair attracts tens of thousands of visitors from different segments, groups and interests and has become a fertile environment for the promoting products other than hunting and equestrian products.

Majed Fouad Odeh, CEO of Q Holding Company, expressed his joy at Q Real Estate’s participation in the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition.

He said that Q Real Estate reflects the noble values ​​of the exhibition’s slogan, entitled “Sustainability and heritage.. in a renewable spirit”, as it is in line with our goal of building and developing real estate projects that combine innovative and sustainable designs in line with the UAE’s agenda to build a sustainable future.

He emphasized the company’s support for the exhibition for its great role in preserving the heritage, civilization and authentic history of the UAE, while looking to the future and its continuous innovation.

He added: “Q Real Estate and the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition come together in a common element as they bring people from different walks of life and from around the world together in unique opportunities that promote shared environmental and heritage goals. ”

The pavilion explains to visitors that “Q Properties” provides sustainable housing solutions that meet the needs of a diverse group of residents and designs luxury homes that evoke a high standard of living. One of the most prominent projects is the luxury residential area “Reem Hills” project, in which residents can enjoy a high-end living experience with spacious spaces and views.

The “Q Properties” pavilion serves as a platform for local, regional and international investors to learn more about the Reem Hills luxury residential project on Reem Island and its features, as well as a presentation to visitors about “Sierra Views”, which are luxurious its villas spread over an architectural hillside overlooking the scenic city of Abu Dhabi, giving visitors the chance to meet real estate experts to learn more about the luxury real estate sector in the UAE’s capital.

The National Baynouna Company for Military Equipment and Hunting also participates in the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition with a 400-square-foot pavilion that includes 180 different pieces of shotguns, weapons, and pistols from international brands and brands.

Baynunah Company CEO Saeed Al Ghafli said that all rifles and hunting equipment of all types offered by the National Baynunah Company within the activities of the current session of the exhibition may be obtained after obtaining licenses and approvals from the official authorities.

Al-Ghafli pointed to the level of the organization of the exhibition, the extent of participation in this session at the local and international level, and the quality of the exhibits, as the exhibition provides an opportunity to meet those interested in hunting and equestrian sports, a forum for falconers, and the organization of heritage and sporting activities and performances.

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