Emirates News Agency – “Emirates Health Services” announces an integrated package of services in primary care centers

DUBAI, June 19 / WAM / The Emirates Foundation for Health Services has announced a suite of integrated health and treatment services delivered by its primary health care centers based on the best international health practices and the latest advances in technological technologies and artificial intelligence applications , in addition to the efficiency and expertise of its medical and nursing staff.

The suite of applied services of the Foundation’s health centers includes integrated services for disease prevention and early detection, risk factors and treatment of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol, in addition to providing health care to pregnant women. women through the application of the best scientific evidence.

dr. Aisha Muhammad Suhail, director of the Foundation’s primary health care division, confirmed that primary health care centers provide treatment services to the highest international standards and medical examinations using the latest devices that rely on artificial intelligence, as well as the experience and competence of the medical and nursing staff working in it.

She stated that the Corporation is committed to providing all of its facilities with the latest advanced medical technologies in line with its strategy and objectives of achieving a qualitative leap in the means and methods of treatment and medical research in a manner that meets the demands of individuals and increases their level of satisfaction, to improve quality and leadership and ensure an integrated healthy society.

Maternity services offered by the Foundation’s primary health care centers include the follow-up of pregnant women during the various months of pregnancy, extensive medical examination and necessary laboratory tests, follow-up of fetal growth through fetal television, health education and breastfeeding education, nutritional advice during pregnancy and the prescription of complementary and therapeutic medicines as needed. These services are available at most Emirates Health Services Corporation health centers and family health promotion centres.

The Foundation also offers a research and counseling service for those about to get married in 25 health centers, including the necessary tests to ensure they are free of genetic, contagious and sexually transmitted blood diseases, as the service enjoys the greatest possible confidentiality. about the results of the exams.

The centers where these health services are provided include Hor Al Anz, Muhaisnah, Health Union in Dubai, Al Raqqa, Al Khalidiyah, Wasit, Al Qarayen, Sabkha, Al Riffa, Al Dhaid, Al Madam, Al Bataeh, Khor Fakkan, Dibba Al Hisn in Sharjah, Medina, Mushairef, Manama, Mazira in Ajman, Al Khazzan, Falaj Al Mualla in Umm Al Quwain, Julfar, Kadra in Ras Al Khaimah, Marshid, Dadna and Qadfa in Fujairah.

The Foundation stressed the importance of surveys for those about to get married for their contribution to spreading awareness of the concept of an inclusive healthy marriage and limiting the spread of some genetic blood diseases such as thalassemia and sickle cell anemia, in addition to limiting the transmission of certain infectious diseases and the transmission of infection from mother to child.

The Emirates Health Services Corporation was also keen to develop and offer a suite of health services through virtual clinics, helping to improve service delivery, increase customer satisfaction and get service in the shortest possible time.

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WAM/Halima Al Shamsi/Mohamed Nabil/Ahmed Al-Boutli

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