Emirates News Agency – Animal Exchange Partnership between “The Green Planet” and “Dubai Safari Park”

DUBAI, July 1, WAM/ The Green Planet and Dubai Safari Park have announced the launch of a new partnership that includes the safe exchange of animals between the two destinations throughout the year.

This strategic animal exchange aims to promote high standards of animal care and care and to launch conservation initiatives by exchanging information and ideas and opening the door to a diverse and relevant dialogue.

The first batch, which arrived in the “Green Planet” in late April, included a pair of endangered golden-handed “tamarin” monkeys, as these monkeys adapted well to their new habitat and lived in harmony with many other species, including “straw” monkeys. apes. An anteater known as “Tandwa”.

This established partnership will allow visitors, young and old, to observe, observe and test the safe movement of animals between The Green Planet and Dubai Safari Park, said Ahmed Hussain Bin Issa, chief operating officer of Dubai Entertainment, owner and operator of The Green Planet.

Mona Al Hajri, Director of Dubai Safari Park, said: “We look forward to working in harmony and collaborating with the Green Planet team so that this professional relationship between us not only gives visitors the opportunity to know more to come across more amazing species, but will also enable us to launch a groundbreaking conservation program that will pave the way in the Middle East and create a legacy that we hope will delight generations of wildlife enthusiasts in the future .”

Known for the striking color of their hands, the golden-handed tamarins live in a dense, shrubby environment in their native habitat of northeastern South America.

These creatures eat insects and fruit and can weigh up to about 500 grams and grow up to 25 cm in length with an additional 38 cm long tail.

Golden-handed ‘tackers’ are also found in the rainforests of Brazil, Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana and have a life expectancy of about 20 years.

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