Elizabeth Olsen Talks Scarlet Witch Solo Movie Rumors

Elizabeth Olsen talked about those Scarlet Witch solo movie rumours this morning. on Good morning Americathe crew asked her about a possible return Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness† She didn’t have much to share, but that’s because Marvel Studios hasn’t notified her of such plans yet. It feels like the same song and dance for many of these projects right now. An MCU actor does an interview, they’re asked about rumored and reported series, and the audience shrugs because there’s no way to offer anything other than “well, this is happening.” D23 and San Diego Comic-Con will provide some clarity when it comes to all of these things. For now, fans are left wondering as nothing concrete has been announced by Marvel Studios yet.

“I’d love to be a part of both,” she began. “Nobody tells me anything, and I don’t even hide a secret because I’m bad at that. I don’t know anything about my future.”

Comicbook.com recently spoke to Olsen about her future out there Multiverse of madness† She says the possibilities are wide open. But given the choice, the Wanda Maximoff actress would love to adapt James Robinson’s “Witches Road” storyline to the big screen.

“I think fans usually have the best ideas and I really don’t know where we’re going and what the limitations of the MCU are because I don’t follow their plans,” explains Olsen. “I feel like the fans always know what the plans are, even if they haven’t been announced. And neither do I. I’ve got this image… There’s a few images in my head of, I think they’re” re from “Witches Road” as she’s aging and deteriorating, as she’s using her strength and there’s something in that, this older woman, aging by her strength, that I’m interested in. And I don’t really know what that means , but I’d like to be quite old.”

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