Ebbsfleet streets named after Beatles, Oasis and Paul Weller albums in honor of Dartford born artist Sir Peter Blake who designed the Sgt Pepper album

Street names on a new residential area will be named after iconic rock and pop albums in a nod to the Kent artist responsible for them.

Several streets in Ebbsfleet, Kent’s Garden City, will bear the names of Beatles, Oasis and Paul Weller records.

The Beatles’ iconic Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover designed by Dartford native Sir Peter Blake

They include Liverpudlian’s four-piece “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” the Gallagher brothers’ 2006 compilation album, “Stop the Clocks,” and “Dragonfly” by the lead singer of The Jam.

The St Pepper cover, which features the Beatles posing in front of celebrities and historical figures, was designed by Dartford-born Sir Peter Blake.

Born in the city in 1932, Blake is widely regarded as the godfather of British pop art and has been a pioneer of the genre since the late 1950s.

He has also worked with other famous names in the music world such as Eric Clapton and Madness.

To mark his legacy, Dartford City Council has decided to name certain streets in Kent’s garden city after the painter and illustrator who studied at Gravesend Technical College and who has galleries where his works are exhibited in both towns.

Sir Peter Blake with his Diamond and Dust exhibition
Sir Peter Blake with his Diamond and Dust exhibition

The names were chosen based on conversations with Dartford council leader Jeremy Kite and also include titles from Blake’s paintings, such as Penny Black, Girl in a Poppy Field and On The Balcony.

Last month, the cabinet dealt with a report asking for street name approval for a development in the southern lot of the Alkerden neighborhood of Ebbsfleet Valley.

The names, along with a map, have been submitted for consultation to members, the emergency services, Royal Mail and the developer.

The meeting recommended that the seven new street names, comprising Sir Peter Blake, Sgt Pepper, Clocks, Dragonfly, Penny Black, Poppy and Balcony, be approved.

Councilors Kite, Brown, Lloyd, Mrs Thurlow, Mote and Wells all responded and had no objection to the names. Royal Mail and Kent Police also had no objection.

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