DUP MP Gavin Robinson: Irish government and EU ‘deaf to unions’

East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson has said it must be recognized that progress can only be made in Northern Ireland if trade unions and nationalism move forward together.

He spoke after comments from the Taoiseach Micheal Martin who said Britain’s plans to act unilaterally over the Northern Ireland Protocol would be “deeply damaging” and would mark a “historic low” in politics.

Martin called on Boris Johnson to withdraw from unilateral action over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

It comes as the UK government is expected to pass a new law this week that will set aside parts of the deal with the EU. The DUP has so far refused to join the government of Northern Ireland due to disagreements over protocol.

On Wednesday, Mr Robinson said that figures within the EU, including the Taoiseach, are quick to comment on alleged failures by the United Kingdom, but that they are “really deaf to trade union work” and to the fact that progress in Northern Ireland has affected both union members and nationalists required moving forward together.

“Figures like Tony Blair have established that political will and consensus politics are the way forward, but unfortunately this is simply being rejected,” the DUP MP said.

“We understand that Michael Martin feels an obligation to defend the EU position, but it is leadership that is needed rather than simply doubling down on a position that has demonstrably failed.

“A year ago, the EU rejected calls for renegotiation, but that position was eventually dropped.

“What is needed is to translate acceptance that the protocol is flawed into action that can restore Northern Ireland’s place within the UK and bring about a return to consensus politics. That should be a prize appreciated by all .”

During a visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Mr Martin said Europe would respond “calmly and with determination” when the government publishes legislation on the protocol.

Martin said he “would not be involved” in what happened in the Conservative Party after Tory MPs voted 211 to 148 on Monday in support of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

It comes amid a deadlock between the UK and the EU over the agreement, which was designed to avoid a border on the island of Ireland and instead created new controls on trade between Britain and Northern Ireland. .

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