Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson shares views on abortion

In a now unavailable blog post, Korie Robertson shared her thoughts on abortion. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

After Korie Roberston shared her stance on abortion in a Live Original blog post, the site went down for more than a day.

The duck dynasty The mother of six uploaded the post Tuesday to share her thoughts on abortion in light of the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The essay began with Roberton’s hesitation to comment on the subject. “I’ve been going round and round about whether or not to post about the abortion debate that’s going on in our country. I know how personal and emotional this issue is, and the internet can be a tough place to have hard conversations,” she wrote. . † “I have tremendous compassion for women who have chosen abortion and know that that must have been a difficult decision at an extremely difficult and uncertain time in your life. I hope you know how much you are loved by a God you see and by you were. you even then.”

Robertson wasn’t shy about publicizing her religious values ​​and made frequent references to her faith in the post. She also acknowledged that her opinions might not match everyone around her perfectly, but felt compelled to join the conversation.

“I have friends who think differently about this matter than I do, I love and respect them and I see their posts and hear their passion on the other side than I do, so I decided it was time I put my thoughts in the arena throw,” she noted.

Robertson said she could upset a few feathers on both sides of the pro-life and pro-choice argument, despite an obvious leaning towards the former.

“I realize it may be risky to write this. I won’t say it right. People will disagree. I’ll probably write something even my friends or followers on the pro-life side won’t. agree. That’s okay. It’s too important a conversation to ignore or just shut up, so here we go…”

She opens her statement with a vocabulary critique, comparing the term ‘pro-choice’ to deliberate propaganda, saying: ‘One of the things that immediately disturbs me deeply is the term ‘pro-choice’. a brilliant marketing decision. It implies that if you are not for abortion or “for choice”, you are against women who have the right to choose what happens to their bodies. And that’s such a false story I can’t help but speak out.”

She goes on to explain that she supports a woman’s right to choose, but specifies in which cases: to prevent pregnancy, give up children for adoption, and raise babies.

“I am 100% behind a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body. I am also incredibly grateful that there are a multitude of choices available to women in our time before and in addition to choosing to live life in her. terminating uterus,” detailing several available birth control options, adding that Medicaid and Planned Parenthood can help.

Robertson believes that men also bear responsibility. “I am not letting men go here. A man should always think about the consequences of his action to have unprotected sex. Condoms should always be the choice for protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Men should be equally responsible. Women you have the right and have the power to demand a condom when having sex,” she states.

Incest and rape are two main pillars often used in pro-choice arguments and Robertson chose to address this perspective as well.

“I also believe in a woman’s right over her own body to choose whether or not to have sex. I understand there are circumstances of rape and incest that unfortunately take away from that choice,” she wrote, adding that these men take away a woman’s right to choose, not the one against abortion. “The men who commit these acts are the ones who won’t let a woman choose, not the ones who are on the side of pro-life.”

The former reality TV star continued to make more “choices” women can make instead of terminating their pregnancy, including adoption, calling it “beautiful and heroic” before writing that there are “literally millions of parents on waiting lists.” to adopt babies in our country.” She also quoted an unknown and unverified source who claims that “there are as many as 36 waiting families for every 1 baby put up for adoption.”

Robertson’s last “choice” for those with unwanted pregnancies is simply to keep and raise the baby.

As for arguments that those who are pro-life don’t care about the well-being of the children once they are born, Robertson believes it simply isn’t true.

Finally, while Robertson initially appears to support a woman’s right to choose, she makes her stance on abortion unmistakably clear: “Ultimately, I don’t believe that killing babies in the womb should be legal in this country. and I don’t think ‘I don’t believe this is a women’s rights issue.”

In an email to subscribers with the full text of the blog, Live Original shared that their website server “accidentally went down…”, back up and running Thursday afternoon, was offline for more than 24 hours. Yahoo Life contacted Robertson’s representative for comment, but did not hear back.

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