Drunk Robots finds new partners and increases the prize pool in $METAL

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – Media OutReach – June 6, 2022 – The epic and cool NFT game Drunk Robots has been fueled by the success of IDO and continues to find new friends in the crypto industry. The project team is working on improving gameplay, expanding the community, and making significant and compelling changes to the p2e game economy.

The project community has exceeded 120 thousand active users, which is a huge success. All these players are immersed in the atmosphere of incredible adventures, mysterious opponents, heaps of booze, battles and valuable prizes.

More than 10,000 unique robots have many unique components and tools to make the player the best in the whole city of fallen machines. Players can upgrade 10 main stats including weapons, hats, clothing and other key components for winning and earning tokens.

In April, the project team went even further, announcing four new collaborations. This time, the “robots” are teaming up with well-known crypto projects that have thousands of fans: Avocado DAO, Skill Guilds, Infinity Force and Yield Guild Games SEA. Thanks to these announcements, the project has every chance to significantly expand the audience due to the growing public engagement and interest of the public from Southeast Asia.

Changes in tournament prizes for the best fighters of the city of fallen machines

The team has also made significant changes to the economy. Now the pool of tokens players could count on has increased to 5 million for every three months. Players now need to be extra adept at beating their opponents, climb to the top of the table and earn a whopping $4,000 METAL tokens on just one robot per month. It seems that many players will make this game their main source of income. And also from the second half of the new season, players will have to crush the jaws of their opponents at least five times per 24 to get maximum profit.

About drunk robots

Drunk Robots – blew up the P2E and NFT space and became the most rock ‘n’ roll and stylish project of the year. Become an iron brutal warrior and conquer the city of fallen machines for fun and lots of booze at Drunk Robots finds new partners and increases the prize pool in $METAL https://drunk-robots.com.


Drunk Robots finds new partners and increases the prize pool in $METAL

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