Dropkick on my devil! TV Anime Staff Plan Crowdfunding Campaign For OVA Episodes – News

The long-term goal is to crowdfund 12 episodes to create the 4th TV anime season

The official website for the Dropkick on my devil! television anime announced Friday that the anime will launch a new crowdfunding project in the future to help fund OVA episodes for the franchise.

The overall goal of the franchise is to crowdfund enough episodes to make an entire fourth season. The staff explained that in order toClasses (quarter year) anime, the production cost is about 300 million yen (about US$2,072 million). The staff explained that they don’t “have the power to raise that kind of capital”, which is why the first goal is to launch a crowdfunding campaign for a new OVA episode. The goal is 30 million yen (about US$207,200) to produce one episode. The crowdfunding campaign will additionally add an extra episode for every additional 30 million yen raised, with plans to screen the episodes for events and stream the episodes.

If the campaign (or campaigns) ever manage to raise enough money to produce 12 episodes, the episodes will be curated and aired as a fourth season of the overall anime.

The first anime season premiered in July 2018. The anime will be streamed exclusively on Amazon Prime video inside and outside Japan. Amazon Prime video premiered in October 2018 with the final bonus episode. the second season, Dropkick on my devil!! dashpremiered in April 2020 with 11 episodes. crunchy rolls streamed all 11 episodes of the season.

Dropkick on my devil! Xthe third season of the anime, premiered on July 5. crunchy rolls streamed the series as it aired.

The anime’s third season also had a successful crowdfunding campaign that launched in September 2020 and ended in December 2020. 2,880 backers raised 36,181,238 yen (about US$351,100) for that campaign. A campaign sponsor pledged 1.1 million yen (about US$10,000) to earn the season’s title, explaining that the title expresses affection for hopes that “Yurine and Jashin-chan will continue to cross paths and for will always fight.”

Yukiwo launched the original manga in Flex Comix’s web magazine Comic Meteor in April 2012, and the series is underway.

Source: Dropkick on my devil! Television anime’s website via Yaraon!

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