Don’t miss your last chance to enter the world’s largest motion festival

The art of motion design is a practice often viewed only in digital spaces. However, DEMO, a design and movement festival organized by Studio Dumbar (part of DEPT*), is an event that is drastically changing the way we look at this ever-expanding practice. As organizer and creative director at Dumbar, Liza Enebeis, the festival will take over 5000 screens across the Netherlands for one day (October 6, 2022) and “digitally transform large public spaces in a country into a living/moving exhibition”. , tells It’s Nice That. “Exterior screens and displays stand like modern statues in places where there is a lot of public movement. However, the character of the creative products on display is always commercial”, but DEMO will change all this for 24 hours of pure creativity.

DEMO is a festival with a huge digital impact due to the great involvement of the creative community. Until July 10, organizers are encouraging movement designers of all levels to submit their work, providing the unique opportunity to showcase their work across the country. The effects such exposure can have on a creative’s career are difficult to categorize due to its magnitude, but for two of this year’s curators, the festival’s latest iteration provided confidence to recreate their passion for experimental motion design in new ways. to strive.

For Connor Campbell, who has his own experimental motion design practice with clients from Jamie XX to Apple and MTV, showing his work during the latest iteration of DEMO is “very special to me,” he tells us. In 2019, Connor was “still very busy learning animation in my spare time after work, on weekends, late at night in my bedroom.” Playing with the idea of ​​focusing on the medium as a freelancer, Conor says: “Seeing my submitted piece at a huge screening in front of thousands of people walking through Amsterdam Central Station was a bit of a wake-up call that this a very exciting field, which gave me that push to finally make the leap to freelance three months later.”

The festival had a similar effect on Yonk’s practice, led by Niels van der Donk and Victoria Young. Also applicable to the very beginning of their partnership, which focuses largely on VR sculpting, DEMO “presented the perfect opportunity for us to create something in our new style, have a limitation with the 1080×1920 format and our work in the public eye for all to see,” said Victoria. “DEMO 2019 was a huge success, not only for us, but also to celebrate and provide a platform for all things movement!”

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