Donald Trump weighs 2024 announcement amid pressure from DeSantis and January 6 | World | News

Florida’s governor poses the biggest threat to the former president’s candidacy for a Republican nomination if he chooses to participate in the race. The long-awaited announcement was to come from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion on Palm Beach, which has become a focal point for a campaign launch with a council of advisers already assembled.

The strategic decision to launch the 2024 campaign from Florida is seen as an opportunity for Mr. Trump to surpass DeSantis on his own turf.

Current data from GOP voters in New Hampshire shows the two rivals are nearly equal in support with De Santis at 39 percent and Trump at 37 percent.

The former president’s concern about confronting his opponent was highlighted in an interview where he said: “I don’t know if Ron is walking, and I’m not asking him.

“It’s his privilege. I think I would win.”

The Florida governor gained support for his “anti-woke” and anti-lockdown stance and was criticized by Trump as “overrated.”

A source close to the former president told The Post on Saturday that there are “discussions about an early launch and people are planning”.

They added: “There are no specifics, but people are preparing. They lay the foundation.”

Florida is the largest swing state in the United States and offers many advantages as a place to launch the campaign with its great fundraising opportunities.

The 45th president has reportedly already raised more than $120 million, which is far more than fellow potential candidates and the Republican National Committee.

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While suspicions of an Independence Day announcement have since been quashed, an early announcement is thought to divert attention from the ongoing hearings about the Capitol Hill riots and Trump’s actions at the time.

Top strategists also hope an early launch will affect potential rivals like De Santis.

Trump’s strategist Jason Miller told NBC News: “I think there is clarity about what his intentions are” [is important] so he can start building that operation while it is still fresh in the minds of the people and they are still active.”

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