Donald Trump can’t get his supporters to see Dr. oz . like

Former President Donald Trump recently tried to convince his skeptical supporters that Dr. Mehmet Oz is a viable candidate for the US Senate. According to HuffPost, the former president attended a rally in support of Oz on Friday, May 6, where the crowd of Trump supporters responded with a disapproving boo.

In response to the disapproval, Oz tried to influence the crowd with a remark directed at President Joe Biden. “I love you, Pennsylvania!” he declared. “I love that you’re here in the rain in Westmoreland, and I know why you’re excited: Because the only thing Joe Biden has built back better is the Republican Party. Am I right?”

The audience, which was filled with die-hard Trump fans who were only there to hear the former president speak, responded with faint applause. Speaking to HuffPost, rally-goers shared their reactions with Oz, and many admitted they were on the fence about him.

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“I think he’s Hollywood,” said Timothy Lohr, a truck driver in Westmoreland County, Penn. “That’s just my opinion. I don’t like Hollywood.”

Dave Popola, a mining operator, also expressed concern about Oz. “In his past, he spent a lot of time on the left,” Popola said. “He hung out with the Obamas way too much, and Obama fueled the coal industry the first time.”

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At one point during the rally, Trump attempted to discredit Oz’s opponent Dave McCormick, a hedge fund manager whose allies have relatively deep pockets.

“So I don’t know David well and he might be a nice guy, but he’s not MAGA, he’s not MAGA,” Trump said, referring to his own campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” “I do know that he worked for a company that managed money for communist China, and he is definitely the candidate of special interest groups and globalists and the establishment in Washington.”

Trump continued: “As your senator, Oz will fight to end illegal immigration, end refuges and put dangerous criminals behind bars. That’s what he wants to do. Communists and confront China like no senator in the history of our state.”

He also added, “I’ve known him for a long time. He’s on that screen,” Trump said. ‘He sits in all those women’s bedrooms and tells them good and bad. And they love him.’

Ohio Senator-elected JD Vance also joined Oz and Trump on Friday. “It’s not about Dr. Oz,” Vance said. “It’s not about anything but you and Donald Trump.”

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He added that a faction of the top Republicans is “trying to make sure Trump-approved candidates are defeated because if they do, the fake news media out there will say, ‘Well, Donald Trump’s approval doesn’t matter.’ “

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