Don Cheadle’s Marvel Disney+ Show Receives Exciting Production Update

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will push Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes to the fore through his small screen adventures in armor wars. It’s been confirmed that the upcoming MCU series will dive into the legacy of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark in an unexpected way, as it will deal with how the Armored Avenger’s technology fell into the wrong hands.

Despite that premise, the exact plot details of the series are still kept secret. Cheadle teased that before armor wars is “an opportunity to really discover who [Rhodey] is in a way we haven’t had before,” indicating that fans will learn more about the character’s origins and how he is coping with Tony’s death.

Although it is not known when armor wars premieres on Disney+, a new update directly from one of the producers could give fans an idea of ​​the release timeline.

Don Cheadle’s Armor Wars will be filmed soon


As noted by Reddit user RAMcGonagall, armor wars executive producer Jenna Berger shared a promising update on the Disney+ series in the official description from the hosts of the University of Pennsylvania’s Idea To Film conference.

It was revealed in Berger’s bio that the Don Cheadle-led series will “movie in Atlanta this fall,” marks the first concrete update on the Don Cheadle-led solo show. The description also mentioned that they have the ongoing Mrs. Marvel series on the House of Mouse streaming service:

“Jenna Berger” is an executive at Marvel Studios on the production and development team she has been with for the past three years. She recently produced the upcoming Disney+ series Mrs. Marvel and is now in development for a new series starring Don Cheadle, which will be filming in Atlanta this fall.”

The producer’s update is in line with an earlier report from Cosmic Circus, where the outlet shared those recordings for armor wars will start in “October November” this year.

When will Armor Wars premiere on Disney+?

An autumn start date for armor wars could indicate that the series could premiere on Disney+ in late 2023 or even early 2024 at the latest.

For context, the usual time to film an entire season of a Disney+ series is four months. If filming starts in October or November, it could be completed in February or March.

Given the lengthy post-production phase and reshoots, armor wars could eventually be released on Disney+ from December 2023. The series could follow in the footsteps of hawk eye as a holiday release or it could be similar to: moon knight, where it kicks off the new calendar year with the MCU’s Disney+ slate.

This update could also indicate that more official casting news and concept art will be revealed sooner rather than later. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has already confirmed that the studio will be attending San Diego Comic-Con this year, providing a great opportunity to showcase news about their Disney+ slate, such as armor wars† Another possible event where updates can be announced is at D23 later this year.

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