Domino blocks fall through Newbury city center

Corn Exchange Newbury and 101 Outdoor Arts present Dominoes by Station House Opera, in the center of Newbury, on Saturday 25 June, to mark the 25th anniversary of the Greenham Trust.

Thousands of concrete blocks will be installed by hundreds of volunteers to form a meandering line through the city, crossing roads, sidewalks, waterways and parks.

On a prearranged signal, the first block falls, knocking over the second, third and fourth – it gains momentum until the falling blocks blast through the streets, creating a spectacle that is captivating, enchanting and witty.

Domino’s, Photo T Arran Photo

Blocks climb stairs, cross bridges, stagger from high places and perform gravity-defying routines along the route. Visitors can choose their spot to watch as the domino trap passes or plan to chase them on their way to their final destination in this monumental yet ephemeral installation.

Station House Opera is an internationally renowned performance company with a unique physical and visual style. Founded in 1980, it has produced over 30 productions of widely varying scale and focus, but all rooted in the interest to create work that converges into a single vision.

The company has completed projects in various locations around the world, from Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage in New York to the historic Frauenkirche in Dresden and Salisbury Cathedral, and has traveled the world from Azerbaijan to Kosovo, China to Brazil.

Corn Exchange Newbury and 101 Outdoor Arts are proud to partner with Greenham Trust’s 25th Anniversary Youth Appeal for this epic event.

The money raised will go to support young people in the area aged 11-25 and every donation is backed up by Greenham Trust.

It takes 150 volunteers to make this event possible, to work together as part of a Domino team to ensure the falling dominoes continue their journey through the fall. Send an email to to participate in this fun event.

Volunteers must be 14 years of age and older and accompanied by an adult if under 18.

The first domino will fall on Saturday, June 25 at 3 p.m. and a map of the route will be available on the Corn Exchange website. Tickets are free (reservations not necessary). For more information, visit or call 0845 5218 218 (calls cost 2 cents per minute plus your telephone company’s admission fee). Domino’s is produced by Artsadmin. The Corn Exchange’s Outdoor program is produced by 101 Outdoor Arts with the support of Greenham Trust and Arts Council England.

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