Doctor Who Reveals Adorable But Deadly Villains For Bringing David Tennant Back To Battle

Bad dude ‘Beep the Meep’ makes debut on BBC show alongside the Wrarth Warriors to kick off the show’s 60th anniversary next year – with iconic stars returning too

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Ann Davies stars in Doctor Who trailer in 1964

Here’s a Doctor Who villain who needs to be told to jump on it – an evil creature that looks like a cuddly white rabbit.

Beep the Meep takes on the Doctor when David Tennant returns to the role next year for the BBC’s 60th anniversary sci-fi show.

A stunt driver dressed as David has been spotted filming a scene in Cardiff driving a taxi with a fluffy white creature inside.

A source said: “Younger viewers will love Beep – he seems meek and cute, but he’s just as deadly as a Dalek or a Cyberman.”

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Beep the Meep is cute – but deadly

Beep makes his TV debut alongside newcomers the Wrarth Warriors.

The Wrarths look much more menacing, with red eyes and an insect-like exoskeleton, but their job is to take on bad guys. The Wrarths and Beep appeared in comic strips in Doctor Who Weekly magazine in the 1980s.

They were first seen in a story about Tom Baker’s incarnation as the Doctor.

David Tennant returns as Doctor Who



Ncuti Gatwa takes over the iconic role


Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Recurring TV show boss Russell T Davies, 59, has a habit of finding ancient Doctor Who gems.

Our source said: “He has taken the novels and audio adventures and adapted them for TV.

“It’s no surprise that he looked at the comics, because Beep the Meep was one of the most popular creations.”

Jodie Whittaker in the legendary role



Russell’s second stint as showrunner kicks off with three 60th anniversary specials.

David, 51, returns with Catherine Tate, 52, as sidekick Donna Noble.

There are rumors that other former doctors will also participate, with Matt Smith being the most likely.

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Ncuti Gatwa, 29, has been announced as the new Doctor, taking over from Jodie Whittaker whose final performance will air this fall.

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