Doctor Strange 1978 Movie Coming to Shout’s Blu-ray Next Week

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness in theaters in two weeks, but next week his first film will be released on Blu-ray from the Shout factory. No, not the 2016 movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch, the first. Form 1978, starring Peter Hooten as Stephen Strange and Jessica Walter as Morgan le Fay. What, you’ve never heard of this? It’s not very good, but it has its charms. This Blu-ray contains a remastered transfer that uses original elements, but without any special features, except for a commentary track from some pop culture journalists. View the cover of the release below.

Credit Shout Factory

Doctor Strange 1978 release details

THERE IS A BARRIRE SEPARING THE KNOWN FROM THE UNKNOWN…Enter a world full of wizards, powerful supernatural powers and bizarre enchantments as famed Marvel Comics superhero Dr. Strange comes to life to fight the forces of evil. modern hospitals may seem like different worlds from the days of old wizards, but for psychiatrist Stephen Strange (Peter Hooten, Orca) and his patient Clea Lake (Eddie Benton, Sledge Hammer!), this is where those worlds collide…, and the Nightmare Begins Nothing Stephen A strange scientist at medical school could prepare him for an attack by an evil “fourth dimension” sorceress, Morgan le Fay (Jessica Walter, Arrested Development), a villain who is invading unimaginable evil. Chosen by an ancient guardian of the spirit world to learn the mystical arts in order to defeat Morgan and protect the Earth, Stephen Strange must take the place of the latter from the earth. Embark on a fantastic adventure in the “fourth dimension on” with… Dr. Strange!”

Bonus material

  • NEW ONES High-definition transfer and restoration of the original film elements
  • NEW ONES Audio commentary by pop culture historian Russell Dyball and panel jumper host Cole Hornaday

Here is also the trailer for the movie. Maybe they should just release this in theaters in two weeks; that would be fine. Jessica Walters in whatever, and I know I’m in.

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