Disney publishes Pirates of the Caribbean ad, gets response from Johnny Depp fans

Maybe now isn’t the best time for Disney to promote pirates of the caribbean, as the company just discovered. on TwitterWalt Disney World posted a 50th anniversary promotion featuring: pirates of the caribbean† The tweet also encouraged others to respond with their “pirate name”, which can be found by adding “Captain + see + yer fave animal”. The tweet certainly got a lot of response, but not in the way House of Mouse had hoped.

“Johnny Depp / Captain Jack Sparrow is” pirates of the caribbean† It’s nothing without Johnny/Jack. If only you had supported the survivor of DV,” commented a Depp fan, who did not participate in the pirate name game.


“Not a good time to draw attention to” POTClamented another fan. “Jack Sparrow was what made those movies, the merchandise and the ride special and you pretty much killed him! Nobody cared about Depp’s Sparrow and nobody wants a reminder of what you did to him now!”

Following on from many, many others, another tweet reads: “How can you even have an ad like that if you don’t support the protagonist? You disappointed me and many others, especially by not waiting for the trial to be over.”

“Really, trying to cash in while dropping Johnny like a hot potato,” says another. “Shame on you, he made that character, not the director, not the scriptwriters, Johnny himself. I bet you didn’t mind taking the money he brought in???”

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Johnny Depp Says Disney Fired Him Over False Accusations

The Reason Why So Many Johnny Depp Fans Are Offended By Disney’s pirates of the caribbean promo is that the topic of his resignation from the franchise has received a lot of renewed attention in recent weeks. The actor is currently suing ex-wife Amber Heard for defamation, arguing that false accusations she made about him cost him his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. Depp fans believe the dismissal was unfair, especially with evidence uncovered in the trial that they say will help Depp prove his case.

During his testimony, Depp said he felt “betrayed” by Disney firing him after spending so many years creating his character, and thus the franchise, the success it was to make money. He hoped to return for at least one more movie, as he felt the fans deserved to see the fictional pirate get a proper goodbye. As Depp said in the stands:

“Captain Jack Sparrow was a character that I built from the ground up and it was something I obviously enjoyed a lot [myself] into the character and also worked with these people on these movies and added a lot of myself, a lot of my own rewriting of the dialogue and scenes and jokes. I didn’t quite understand how, after that long relationship and quite a successful relationship, especially before Disney, I was suddenly guilty until my innocence was proven.”

He added:

“My feeling was that these characters should be able to say goodbye, so to speak. A franchise can only last so long and there is a way to end such a franchise and I thought the characters deserved to find their way out, to closing the franchise on a good note. I intended to keep going until it was time to quit.”

The process continues. For now, Disney may want to hold back on the… pirates of the caribbean promotions.

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