Disney employees go viral for the worst possible interruption

By Michelle Martin | 14 seconds ago

Hey, are you hoping to be seen as the biggest jerk? ever† Or at least the biggest, most smug, most stupid jerk of the past few weeks? Well, unfortunately we have to warn you to wait a while to try and claim that title because a Disney employee has already claimed that particular trophy and the internet is roasting it alive for it.

Imagine – you visit Disneyland Paris with your partner where you plan to propose to them. You spend a lot of money on an engagement ring. At the park, you ask permission from an employee to make the proposal on a platform with Sleeping Beauty Castle in view behind you. The employee gives you the OK, and you do the question. You get down on one knee, ask your loved one for their hand, and then a smug, mouse-eared jerk comes between you and (hopefully) your future eternal partner, grabs the ring box from your hand and signals you to leave the platform . That’s what happened to a few, as it unfolds in a video posted to Reddit. You can watch the furious scene below.


The video was posted on Reddit’s “I Am a Total Piece of S**t” with the headline “POS destroyed my best friends moment. He asked for permission beforehand.” As you can see in the video, after the Disney employee takes the ring box from the man’s hand, the proposer tries to explain that he has asked for permission, and the employee interrupts him again, yelling, “Yeah, that’s great, but here will get even better!”

Newsweek contacted Disney, who confirmed that the video was shot in Disneyland Paris. A spokesperson told Newsweek: “We regret the way this was handled. We apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right.”

Redditors reacted passionately to the video, and the unidentified employee didn’t have many defenders. Even among those commenters who said they might understand the need to interrupt the proposal, most expressed confusion over the Disney employee snatching the ring box from the man’s hand. According to Newsweek, a poster claiming to be a Disney employee wrote that everything the employee did was wrong. They claimed that employees are “explicitly told that we never touch a guest without their clear consent, either verbally or through body language. We must not take their property under any circumstances and this will result in termination.” The writer speculated that the employee would be fired if/when the video went viral.

However, if we believe that everyone on Reddit who claims to be a Disney employee is one, then there could be some disagreement. Despite many posters claiming to be former Disney employees, or knowing employees, who were sure that the employee in the video would be fired, a redditor named “Damoonerman” said goodbye to those predictions.

Despite Damoonerman’s insistence that the Disney employee in the video is safe from repercussions, the initial response to their post felt different. It’s a dark, humorous sentiment shared by the comments, but in this case it’s flavored with a little, well…cannibalism.

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