Discover the expected weather in the Emirates tomorrow

The National Center of Meteorology expected the weather to be generally dusty tomorrow, with a gradual drop in temperatures and some low cloud on the east coast in the morning.
In its daily statement, the center said the wind at sea is sometimes moderate to strong and strong, which is agitating and laden with dust, which can lead to a decrease in horizontal visibility. The speed is moderate on the east coast. It will be northwest and east on the east coast 15/25 to 45 km/h.
The waves in the Arabian Gulf are turbulent. The first tide occurs at 10:13 AM, the second tide at 10:44 PM, the first tide at 3:54 PM and the second tide at 05:53 AM.
In the Oman Sea, the waves will be light to medium sized. The first tide occurs at 6:25 PM, the second tide at 8:24 AM, the first tide at 12:43 PM and the second at 1:29 AM.

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