Discounts and offers for “private lessons” during exams

The current period is witnessing a lot of activity for the phenomenon of “private tutoring”, because of the end-of-academic year exams that students take in the current period, and therefore the arts of attracting students for private lessons abound, or whether it be offers, discounts, free lessons or price reductions, especially for lessons through the “online”, which are five dirhams per hour, and teachers use office desks to promote them.

Students’ parents stressed that they are required to seek out teachers to help their children with their classes, especially during exam period, and to increase the psychological pressure students face during exams, in addition to the low prices of remote lessons.

While one educator emphasized that the phenomenon of private lessons is a scourge, the families of students contributed to its strengthening, as every parent of a student sees it better raise their son’s education level, and advocated the need to be in the school. to be trusted for education.

In detail, “Emirates Today” monitored publicity methods to promote private lessons, through stationery libraries, set a free quota and reduce the prices of the quota, and a doctor published on the “Group” for private lessons an advertisement to teach the French language. provide educational services “online”, in exchange for five dirhams per share.

The announcement was well received by the members of the “group”, as it justified the price cut it aims to help people on limited incomes, while one person noted that he had actually contacted the owner of the ad, and was surprised was that the session lasted no more than 10 minutes, and then the hold amounted to 30 dirhams.

One Arabic teacher published that she has nine years of teaching experience and can give private lessons for 20 dirhams per class, and a third wrote that he is an English teacher to teach children “online”, eight lessons for 100 dirhams per class. month.

In contact with one of the owners of advertisements, who published an advertisement for private lessons in the Arabic language, 12 lessons at 250 dirhams per month, she said that she graduated from university, specializes in the Arabic language, and does not work, and gives private lessons in first grades, over the internet, to help her husband with the cost of living.

She stated that the class consists of three or four students and that the class lasts an hour, noting that the first class is assigned for free so that the student knows how to explain it and can decide whether to continue the classes or not. .

“Emirates Today” has monitored stationery libraries that place advertisements at their entrance to teachers who want to teach students, either face-to-face or “online,” and the students’ families can communicate with the teacher or ask the stationery worker to contact the teacher and specify with him the price of the quota and the learning mechanism.

On the other hand, parents of students see that there are multiple reasons to resort to private lessons, as it has become a necessary thing, to lighten the burden of their children’s academic succession and to help them study and prepare, especially during exams.

Fatima Jamal, the mother of three students in the second episode, said there is no difference between virtual private lessons and distance learning, as the benefit in both cases is small, and that she relies on an “online” teacher to help her children. explaining that many families are going through a difficult period in Follow her children’s lessons, so she is looking for solutions to support them in their lessons.

Othman Ismail, the father of a college student, stated that he uses a private tutor who comes home daily to teach his son in high school, mainly because he was finally convinced that receiving private remote lessons is not helpful for students, and receiving lessons face-to-face is more helpful.

Sabah Khaled, the mother of a student, believes that there are many reasons that have prompted families to seek a private tutor for their children, the most important of which is the effort to provide students with greater benefit as educating children the only investment for them is, in addition to making the teacher more familiar with the curricula, the private lesson also contributes to increasing the psychological pressure on the student during the exam period.

For its part, the deputy principal of one school, who preferred not to be named, stated that teachers are required to work with their students outside official working hours, to provide them with the required academic support, in addition to requiring schools to develop the necessary programs to support students and get the help they need to achieve educational outcomes.

She added that “private tutoring” is a scourge, which has strengthened the families of the students, as the families of the students see that it contributes to raising the student’s level, and advocate the need to to reduce this phenomenon, and to rely on the school of education, as the tutor may not be a specialist, which opens the door. Giving false information to students.

• Parents who resort to “private lessons” to relieve the psychological pressure on their children.

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