Did Marvel just tease the Nick Fury from MCU’s Midnight Sons?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness changed the state of the MCU in a big way. The film, which introduces America Chavez to the MCU and sees Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff tackle the wild nature of the Multiverse, wasn’t afraid to bring up big topics or introduce big names. While there’s a lot to enjoy in the movie, Marvel fans always eagerly think – “now what?” Those especially interested in the mystical (and slightly spooky) side of Marvel will likely be eyeing rumors of the MCU’s own version of the Midnight Sons.

For those of you who don’t know, the Midnight Sons are a group of heroes that are strongly linked to the darker and creepier side of Marvel Comics. They’ve battled demons, zombies, and other terrifying creatures in the past, and from the get-go, the team has included fan-favorite characters such as Ghost Rider, Blade, and Doctor Strange himself. While Multiverse of madness didn’t provide additional information about membership in the Midnight Sons, it did provide some information as to who the man responsible might be, a la Nick Fury for the Avengers, by narrowing the pool of candidates.


Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts


Warning – the rest of this article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

When the Midnight Sons first appeared in 1992, they were hosted by none other than Doctor Stephen Strange. Their job was to fight the mother of all demons, Lilith, and the group included notable characters such as Blade, Morbius, and two different Ghost Riders. While it’s always been possible that Strange could lead the MCU’s Midnight Sons, that seems rather unlikely in the wake of Multiverse of madness

The scene after the film’s credits shows the Master of the Mystic Arts entering the Dark Dimension alongside Charlize Theron’s Clea, a character with a lot of history with the (now former) Sorcerer Supreme. With Strange taking this new crisis seemingly personally, he doesn’t seem in a position to be the “man in the chair” for the Sons.


Blade, the Daywalking Half-Vampire

Blade Marvel Studios

The first on many fan’s potential members list for the MCU’s Midnight Sons is one of the early members: Eric Brooks, AKA Blade. While a standalone movie featuring the character is in the works, Mahershala Ali lent his voice to the character’s off-screen appearance in the post-credits scene for Eternals† His brief cameo addressing Dane Whitman (the future Black Knight) has led many to speculate that he recruited in a manner that has become synonymous with Nick Fury.

The problem here is that Blade isn’t the type to lead from afar. Furthermore, Black Knight is traditionally a member of the Avengers, not the Midnight Sons. The Daywalker was probably attracted to the Ebony Blade to ensure the relic did not fall into the wrong hands, given his knowledge of the occult. While he’s a shoo-in for the group, Blade is much more likely to reflect Steve Rogers’ role as the leader from the front, rather than Nick Fury’s distant guiding hand.

Wong, the Sorcerer Supreme

Wong Avengers Marvel Studios

Following the events of Multiverse of madness, Wong finds himself in a position he previously held: Sorcerer Supreme without the influence (or interference) of Stephen Strange. However, with the Scarlet Witch missing after her destruction of the Darkhold, Kamar-Taj ravaged by her previous attack, and Strange on a field trip with Clea to the Dark Dimension, Wong finds himself in a prominent position among bearers of the mystic arts. His primary job as Sorcerer Supreme is to protect the world, but he is understaffed and potentially out of luck.


Wong is in a prime position to fill the role of Nick Fury for the Midnight Sons. He was a leader of the group in the comics, especially in the… damnation storyline, with a selection most similar to what could come to life in the MCU. That group included figures we’ve already seen (or heard of) like Blade and Moon Knight, as well as characters likely to appear on the horizon like Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Elsa Bloodstone, and Iron Fist. While Wong works to train the next generation of wizards, his hand-picked Midnight Sons can fight the threats that prowl the night.

The midnight sun rises

Doctor Strange is missing character

While the Avengers have defined the MCU thus far, other teams are starting to enter the scene. The Guardians of the Galaxy have already fought alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and other groups like the Fantastic Four, the Young Avengers, and the X-Men are soon on their way. The time has come for a Midnight Sons performance to continue Marvel’s take on horror that began with Moon Knight and Multiverse of madness and will continue in the upcoming Halloween Special, marvel zombies, and Sheet.

While the release date hasn’t been announced yet, fans of Marvel horror should keep their eyes peeled for the Halloween Special in October.


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