Derry Girls creator explains why the Spice Girls Union Jack dress was missing from the final episode

Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee has revealed that the iconic Spice Girls Union Jack dress was missing from the show’s final episode, saying it “wouldn’t be okay for Catholics” in town.

The most recent episode of the third and final season of the Channel 4 comedy aired Tuesday and saw the girls pay tribute to the famous British pop group of the 90s.

Orla, Erin, Clare, Michelle and James all take part in the Children in Need Stars in their Eyes evening at school during the episode – while releasing the 1997 Spice Girls hit Who Do You Think You Are?

Of course, the girls also wear the classic Spice Girls outfits, with Clare as Baby, Michelle as Scary, Orla as Sporty and James in Posh Spice’s little black dress.

However, some fans noted that Ginger Spice made Erin miss out on the classic Union Jack dress, something screenwriter McGee says was intentional given the city’s political sensitivities.

“Erin is Ginger, but we didn’t do the Union Jack dress because it wouldn’t have been good for Catholics in Derry. Our amazing costume designer made her a glittery dress with a peace sign on,” she told DigitalSpy.

Speaking of the chance to perform the routine, Saoirse-Monica Jackson said it was a “dream come true”.

“I’ve said to Lisa before, it’s like she wrote Derry Girls around the Spice Girls because each of us is so different and it’s perfect casting,” she said.

“It’s like your childhood dream to be Geri Halliwell on TV and wear the ginger wig, which I think really suits me, and do the dance routine with your friends and go to a recording studio and sing the lyrics. It’s wonderful, a dream come true.”

Jamie-Lee O’Donnell added: “One of my absolute life goals was to play in The Spice Girls, in the band proper, and I think I got close enough with that scene. That’s close enough, I want to get a taste of it. And I’m happy with it. We are a band anyway.”

About the routine, McGee tweeted: “I have to thank our incredible choreographer @jooney1 and our amazing Musical Director @garthyb0y – the Derry Spice Girls just wouldn’t have happened without them.”

She also thanked fans after the final episode, adding on social media: “Guys, we really feel the love tonight. We appreciate you all very much. We are just a small show doing our best and you make all the hard work worth it. Thank you.”

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