Deadpool 3 Writer Reveals First Plot Details For MCU Sequel

While it doesn’t have a public release date yet, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated films on the Marvel Studios slate. Even with plot details under wraps and a cast still being assembled, having the Merc with a Mouth in the same universe as the Avengers is something fans are already getting excited about.

Deadpool 3 finds himself in a unique situation when you consider how the first two films definitively exist outside of the MCU, although the third film in the trilogy has been confirmed to change that on numerous occasions since its announcement. While it’s exciting in its own way to think about which existing characters Deadpool might interact with at its MCU introduction, that leaves some potential complications in the mix.

Regardless of how the plot comes together, Marvel still has the big job of finding a way to bring Deadpool into the MCU, while keeping the histories of its first two films largely intact. Well, according to one of the film’s writers, that’s exactly what the team plans to do as this R-rated romp gets further into development.

Quote teases Deadpool 3’s impact on the MCU


Speak with BroBible’s Post-Credit PodcastDeadpool 3 writer Rhett Reese teased the first details for Ryan Reynolds’ debut MCU movie.

While nothing specific was revealed, Reese teased that this was something of a “fish out of water” story for Reynolds’ Wade Wilson. He noted how Deadpool is seen as something of a… “crazy” in an otherwise normal world, share how nice it will be to watch:

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for fish-out-of-water. Deadpool is a madman at the center of a movie. Dropping a madman into a very healthy world is pure butter. It’s going to be really fun.”

In the same chatReese and co-writer Paul Wernick also talked about the memes going back to Sony Pictures’ morbius, admitting they haven’t seen the movie or the memes. However, now that it is “On [their] radar,” the two joked that they will “must” work in a Morbius quip Deadpool 3 in one way or another:

“We haven’t seen ‘Morbius’. We haven’t even seen the memes. But now it’s on our radar.”

Deadpool dives into Marvel Studios story

Deadpool’s unique ability to break through the fourth wall gives Marvel Studios a pretty easy decision by simply moving him from the Fox universe to the MCU. While the details behind that transition are still being worked out, Reynolds will seemingly be able to take on the same exact version of Wade Wilson from his first two. Deadpool movies in its third.

The “fish out of water” story should make for an incredibly entertaining movie as Wade tries to discover his new environment and the new characters he can interact with. Finally, if he gets a chance to meet some of the heroes and villains he references in his fourth-wall breaks, he’s sure to set you up for a loop, though it probably won’t take too long to settle in.

Concerning the morbius mentioned, hardly a movie in recent memory seems more ready for the Deadpool treatment than Jared Leto’s disaster superhero getaway from Sony Pictures.

The film performed poorly at the box office, but the problems only started there when it became the subject of one negative meme after another after the theatrical performance. It’s safe to say that if there’s anyone who could utter the phrase “It’s Morbin Time” and make viewers soar, it would be Ryan Reynolds’ foul-mouthed prankster and prankster.

But those plot details come together, the third solo Deadpool movie has a golden opportunity to make its mark on the comic book movie world now that it will be ingrained in the MCU.

Deadpool 3 is currently in the early stages of development, although release time has not yet been made public.

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