DC’s Most Underrated Batgirl Gets a New Star Costume Design

Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl gets a sweet costume ‘fan art’ redesign from Otto Schmidt that gives the fan-favorite hero a whole new look.

DC’s Most Underrated batgirl gets a new costume in a stunning new redesign from artist Otto Schmidt that makes us wish the look was official. On his Twitter account, the . writes DC vs Vampires artist shared his fan art costume for Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl. The new outfit does a great job of honoring her history as a Spoiler and giving her an ensemble that shows why she made such a great Batgirl in the first place.

Stephanie Brown is an important member of the Bat-Family as she has had a few hero roles since she debuted in Detective Strips #647 from DC Comics by Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle. Over the past 30 years, she was known as the vigilante, the Spoiler, was Batman’s fourth ever Robin, and eventually became DC’s Batgirl. Currently Batgirl plays in bat girls by Michael W. Conrad and Becky Cloonan alongside Cassandra Cain, where both heroes operate under the cloak. To celebrate the character, who debuted exactly 30 years ago, artist Otto Schmidt shared his redesign of Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl, giving the fan-favorite hero a flawless new look.


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on his Twitter account, artist Otto Schmidt shared his fan art redesign for Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl. The new costume for Batgirl retains the same deep purple look the hero wore as Spoiler, but offers something completely different. The look is practical and ready for action. In addition, it has a long cape with a nice inner layer. The look is completed with a yellow bat symbol on her chest and another yellow bat logo on her shoulder. Schmidt said this is the unmasked hero, as Stephanie’s blonde hair is styled in pigtails.

Much like Schmidt’s previous “fan art” redesigns for DC heroes, the new look for Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl is worth tweaking in the comics. While there’s nothing wrong with the current look the hero is wearing, upgrading her costume probably isn’t one of DC Comics’ biggest priorities. However, if they need a new look for Stephanie’s Batgirl, the publisher need look no further than Schmidt’s redesign of her costume.

The ‘fan art’ piece shows that Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl deserves more attention from DC Comics. The fan-favorite character has seen her name rise recently, but it still feels like Stephanie should have an even more prominent role than she currently has in the comics. However, with the newer bat girls series and the Otto Schmidt redesign art, admirers of Stephanie Brown’s batgirl can’t say they didn’t get good content for the hero in 2022.

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Source: Otto Schmidt – Twitter

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