David Walliams horrifies BGT fans with sperm joke as Ant and Dec panic

Simon Cowell couldn’t help but get a little revenge on David Walliams by punching a cream scone in the face – triggering the awkward moment on Britain’s Got Talent

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BGT: David Walliams jokes about cream on his face

David Walliams shocked viewers of Britain’s Got Talent tonight with a sperm joke, just minutes after the live show – while presenters Ant and Dec appeared to panic.

To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the ITV program had provided some tea and scones for the judges to enjoy on tonight’s show.

But Simon Cowell couldn’t help but get a little revenge on David, 50, by punching a buttermilk in the face.

Seeing that David’s face had been smeared with cream, Dec asked “what the hell happened”.

“Simon just put butter in my face,” David said, urging Dec to pat Simon.

“It wasn’t me to be honest,” Simon insisted with a grin. “It was Alesha.”

Ant and Dec turned back to David, who joked, “You can’t see anything, can you?”

David Walliams shocked BGT viewers with the joke tonight

“You’re just dripping a little down your chin,” Dec commented.

David joked, “Not for the first time!”

The presenters seemed panicked as they quickly continued the conversation, but the moment didn’t go unnoticed by viewers.

Ant and Dec seemed panicked after the comment

One tweeted: “Loved how Ant looked a little freaked out about what David was going to say about getting creampied #BGT.”

While another commented: “Ant and dec embarrassed by David’s obvious sperm joke #BGT.”

A third wrote: “David seems pretty determined to take them off the air this week… #BGT.”

A furious: “david’s “I’m apparently gay and it’s so funny lol” jokes are so exhausting, please shut this guy up #bgt.”

Another joked: “Did David Walliams REALLY say that? Jeeeeeez.”

“Absolutely dirty from david then……#BGT,” someone joked.

One viewer reminded the judge, “Family show, David. Family show.”

Another agreed, saying, “WOW ‘ed David…wrong show #bgt.”

*Britain’s Got Talent returns on ITV on Sunday at 7.30pm

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