DAVID LEE ROTH Keeps VAN HALEN Tribute Project ‘On The Air’ Says Radio Personality EDDIE TRUNK

David Lee Roth is the main reason for the proposed all-star FROM HALEN tribute project has yet to move forward, according to SiriusXM radio personality Eddie Trunk

No progress has been reported on a possible FROM HALEN tribute concert since April when former METALLIC bassist Jason Newsted revealed to The Palm Beach Post that he was approached by FROM HALEN drummer Alex Van Halen about six months prior to playing bass for the project. Newest told the Florida newspaper that he agreed to go to California to jam with Alex and legendary guitarist Joe Satrianic and see if it felt right, but he eventually realized it would be impossible to do justice to… FROM HALENhis legacy. “How could you?” Jason said. “There’s no one who can top it, so how do you show it credit? I didn’t want it to be seen as a money grab. And then it hissed a little.”

Trunk offered an update on the proposed FROM HALEN tribute on his radio show last Friday (July 1), a day after he went to watch THE BLACK CROWS playing at the Stone Pony Summerstage in Asbury Park, New Jersey. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I had a very, very, very reliable source who told me last night to… THE BLACK CROWS show that the delay on the FROM HALEN-all that happens is that a lot stands out David Lee RothThat David Lee Roth – No surprise; it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone – it’s a tough guy to argue with, a tough guy to get an answer to, a tough guy to focus on, a tough guy to get to sign out on whatever. He’s all over the map, as you’d expect and seen throughout history, and that the great slowdown in everything that happens with FROM HALEN is not Alex, who wants to do it and tries it; it is actually Roth who must opt ​​out and be involved. Also, unlike all posts about anything else, Alex and [former VAN HALEN bassist] Michael Anthony to be all the way cool and there is no problem at all. And try to get the stumbling block Alex and Dave on the same page and Dave want to do this and how they’re going to do it. And that’s really one of the big stumbling blocks. And no one has missed it, as I said before, you have two Taylor Hawkins [tribute concerts] in two different countries [announced] two months after Taylor passed or something, and here we come at two years [after VAN HALEN guitarist Eddie Van Halen‘s death] and they can’t think of anything for Eddie† It’s crazy. Hopefully that will be corrected.”

A month ago, Anthony confirmed to Trunk that he was involved in some of the early conversations about the FROM HALEN tribute.

“I haven’t spoken to him in a while, but I… to have talked to Alex sometimes,” Michael said. “And for the most part, we don’t even talk that much about music — more about just family, how we’re doing and stuff like that. I know it still hurts him a lot as far as he Eddie goes and probably will for the rest of his life. But I spoke to him and Dave last year on a possible something, but Dave just starts to go [talking really fast] And I’m like, “Okay.” And we actually just had a kind of conference call about to have a conference call to discuss it, and then for some reason that other call didn’t take place. I told them I would clearly be interested. And it would be more of a celebration of the music than putting something together and calling it FROM HALEN because that just wouldn’t be right at the moment.”

Anthony went on to say that he had not been informed Newest was involved in the discussions until Jason revealed it in The Palm Beach Post interview. “That’s the first one ID card even heard something like that” Michael said. “And it was quite interesting because he said he spoke to him… [Dave and Alex] about a year ago, and that’s about the time l spoke to them. So I do not know. I’ll have to call Jason and ask him. [Laughs]†

When Trunk is noted Roth said in his commentary about the FROM HALEN tribute that “two of us” would be needed “for every position” in the project’s lineup, possibly suggesting that more than one guitarist and more than one bassist would be involved in the show, Anthony said, “I was kind of thinking along those lines too, but then one thing made me change my mind and make me think, ‘Well, Daveis just a kind of being Dave,’ and maybe he’s just saying that it takes at least two people to be able to duplicate what one person in this band was doing, and the reason I thought of that was because he suddenly brought up the name Pink† He said that Pink should be one of the David Lee Roth characters, or singers, and I’m like, ‘Huh.’ That sounded just a bit too’Daveto me.

“But I do not know”, Anthony quickly clarified. “Right now I have to tell you that I don’t know if anything will ever happen. Because Alex is – it really hurts. him and Edward were so close all levels – musical levels and personal and whatever. It just seems to me like it could be really hard for Alex to even do anything to bring back all those memories. I don’t know. I could be wrong. I’m the man who always says, ‘Never say never.'”

According to Anthonythe proposed FROM HALEN tribute would likely take the form of a single concert rather than a full-blown tour.

“What it was about wasn’t really doing a tour,” he said. “You take something like that on tour and people will think it’s a cash grab. I’d rather have something, like a commemorative thing, be done in a venue. And there were actually a few venues discussed. But do it that way instead of going out with it and just make it a real party with the music…

“Actually, I wouldn’t go on tour right away”, Michael continued. “I think holding a celebration of Eddie and the music and the whole FROM HALEN legacy is great. And let’s face it – none of us need the money. l don’t need the money. I’d rather take the money and put it to a good cause.”

Michael repeated again that he has no concrete idea whether FROM HALEN concert will take place. “I think it all really depends on Alex‘, he said. “And he really has to be the person who wants to do this and give his blessing to the whole thing to move forward. And as I said, when we speak, we’re not even talking about doing such a thing right now. He’s still healing. And when it comes, I’m sure Alex will be the first to do such a thing.”

Asked if there was bad blood between him and Alex and Dave in recent years, Anthony said, “Not at all. I only talked to Dave that one conversation we had last year and I could barely get a word in, which is… that’s typical Dave† But I to have talked to Alex on occasion, and it’s great. We talk about 45 minutes, an hour. And probably about the first 20 minutes Alexsometimes he will vent me a little bit about all the circumstances around how everything happened with Eddie† But we’re really just talking about family and we’re bringing up some of the old times down the road, just to spice things up a bit.”

In June 2021, Eddie Van Halenhis son Wolfgang Van Halenwho joined his father FROM HALEN for the band’s 2007 reunion tour with Rothsubstitute Anthonytold SiriusXM‘s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk” it would be “great” to eventually organize one Eddie Van Halen tribute performance. “It’s not in the immediate plans because that’s a lot of moving parts that you have to corral for that to happen. But I definitely think it has to happen. Absolutely,” he said.

When asked how he imagines the tribute concert and which musicians should be involved, Wolfgang said: “I have no idea. All I know is that the focus has to be one hundred percent on Pop. Although it’s a celebration of FROM HALEN and the history of the band, I think it should be mostly focused on him… It’s a big question and a big thing to find out. But I do think it has to happen at some point.”

in Nov 2020, Wolfgang told entertainment tonight that the proceeds of a tribute show in honor of his father will go to: Eddiethe favorite charity, Opus of Mr. Holland, which helps underprivileged students access musical instruments. Yield from ‘s debut single Wolfgangsolo band MAMMOTH WVH“distance”also benefit Opus of Mr. Holland

In February 2021, former FROM HALEN singer Sammy Hagar told Kyle Meredith that he will do everything in his power to participate in the Eddie Van Halen tribute concert.

“I have nothing to do with the [Eddie Van Halen] inheritance,” he said. “That’s their business — that’s… wolfieAlex Van Halen† they are relatives. Whoever wants to call me and say, ‘Here’s the date’, I’ll be there. I don’t care where I am. I cancel a [solo] show [if I need to]† [Laughs] [That’s] something FROM HALEN would never to do. I always make that joke – canceling a show was [out of the question with] FROM HALEN† I went out sick without being able to sing, Eddie went out with a crutch, Alex went out with a fucking neck brace – we wouldn’t cancel shows. But I will cancel mine show for a tribute to Eddieeach day.”

Eddie died in October 2020 at age 65. The Legendary FROM HALEN guitarist died at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California.

Eddie was diagnosed with oral cancer in 2000 and had tongue surgery. He later battled lung cancer and received radiation treatments in Germany. At the beginning of 2019 it got worse when Eddie had a motorcycle accident. He was subsequently diagnosed with a brain tumor and had radiosurgery with gamma blades to treat the disease.

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