David Fisher reinstated as Sandwell Conservative leader

David Fisher has been reappointed as Sandwell Conservatives leader, despite his earlier resignation after abusive social media posts were discovered.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service has learned that the councilor has been selected by Conservative members to take up his old role.

Councilor Fisher resigned in January after old comments he made on Twitter about the lack of “white representation” in the NHS resurfaced, adding that he “knew no white GP or doctor”.

In a Twitter exchange dating back to 2016, the councilor retweeted an Asian trainee doctor’s complaint about a new NHS contract, saying: “Leave then, many foreign doctors would seize the opportunity to work for the best health company in the world.” , the NHS”.

Councilor Fisher also promised to boycott a KFC branch in Wednesbury because it only serves halal bacon.

Councilor Fisher, who apologized and resigned after the posts resurfaced, is now returning to his previous position.

He replaces Councilor Laured Kalari, who was himself suspended as both leader and conservative in the role for just three weeks after separate abusive posts were also discovered on his Twitter.

Councilor Fisher, who has been described as a close ally of West Bromwich East MP Nicola Richards, will now lead an opposition of nine councilors on the Sandwell council to Labour. The Sandwell Conservatives were one of the few local Conservative branches in the West Midlands to gain two additional seats in Sandwell.

The party also retains a hard-fought seat in Tividale after Conservative councilor Emma Henlan unexpectedly resigned.

In a statement to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, Councilor Fisher said: “I am delighted to support Sandwell Conservatives in leading the team of existing and new councilors in the coming election year. As always, Sandwell Conservatives will continue to investigate this Labor-run council and held accountable.”

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