Daniels will not make a sequel to Everything Everywhere All At Once

Everything everywhere at once

Everything everywhere at once

Daniels, the directorial duo aka Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert that made it outstanding Everything everywhere at once, have denied a story on Twitter circulating about an alleged pitch for a sequel to their mind-blowing multiverse film. That story, that was… written by IndieWireoriginally came from an interview Daniels did with Edgar Wright for the British Film Institute Sight and sound

In a somewhat oddly disjointed moment in that interview, Wright notes that “a lot of parents are currently being radicalized by social media” (though it’s not entirely clear why he brings that up), to which Daniel Kwan responds that, if they ever make a sequel on Everything everywhere at once“it would be about Evelyn radicalizing”, and then “Joy would have to go out and save her mother.”

Daniel Scheinert later mentions that he recently realized there’s no internet in the movie and no one ever looks at social media, but “the movie is totally a reaction to that.” He says it’s like a kid growing up with the Internet “struggling to be understood” by a parent who didn’t.

This weekend Daniels tweeted that the story of making a Everything everywhere sequel about Michelle Yeoh’s character being “radicalized” by the internet is “not true at all.” In fact, they say they “don’t even remember making this joke” and that it “must have been in March when the idea of ​​a sequel was especially comically far-fetched.” Perhaps there was a little more context in the original conversation that was left out, which would explain why the comment about parental radicalization seems to have come out of nowhere, and perhaps made it clearer that Daniels wasn’t serious about that plan.

Anyway, Everything everywhere fans can rest a little easier knowing that the film’s fairly definitive ending is actually going to hold up, and we’re not going to see it Spider Man 2099 or clea show up and start a new multiverse adventure.

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