Daniel Craig Overcame a Lifelong Fear While Playing James Bond in ‘Casino Royale’

Daniel Craig’s five James Bond movies made him a household name. Royal Casino Craig’s previously solid, albeit relatively obscure, acting career turned into something completely different. In retrospect it’s hard to believe that he never wanted to play James Bond in the first place. Not only did the role bring in international superstars, it also helped Craig overcome a lifelong fear.

James Bond actor Daniel Craig | Pierre-Phillipe Marcou/AFP via Getty Images

Craig is the longest running ‘James Bond’ actor

No Time to Die, Craig’s fifth turn donning impeccably tailored suits while fulfilling his MI6 duties, finally hit theaters in 2021, marking the actor’s last Bond film. Rumors of Craig leaving the role had been circulating for years, but he left the franchise on good terms. At least the reaction of the casting that followed him before 2006 Royal Casino had decreased.

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