Daily gas price check: 211.5 cents per liter in Toronto

The average gasoline price in Ontario on Saturday is 209.6 cents a liter, 3 cents more than the Saturday average of 206.6, according to the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA). Last month’s average was 187.2 and last year’s average was 129 cents per liter, CAA data shows.

Drivers in Ontario continue to see pump prices salivating, while record-breaking gas prices in Canada have fueled consumer goods and food prices, impacting the way people live their lives.

Analysts say high prices, along with a rise in Canadian inflation, which reached 6.7 percent in March, the strongest rise in more than 30 years, have hurt.

Average gas prices in the GTA

This is how we compare ourselves with the rest of Canada

The average gas price in Canada is 205.7 cents per liter.

Gas prices are lowest in Alberta, at 179.1 cents per liter. They are highest in BC at 220.3 cents per liter.

How did we get here?

In January, gas prices across the country began to rise, and in February records broke as prices rose at the pumps.

At the same time, COVID-19 restrictions began to be lifted and people began to move again, pushing gas demand to pre-pandemic levels, while an escalating situation in Ukraine and a series of international sanctions against Russia put pressure on an already tense supply, sending international crude prices into a downward spiral.

Experts say the people hardest hit by high gas prices are low-income Canadians, who are more likely to spend a significant portion of their income on transportation and are less likely to afford electric vehicles to offset rising costs.

Top places to refuel in the GTA

  • 199.5 at Dost Petroleum, 13823 Hurontario St. in Caledon
  • 199.8 at Ultramar, 16544 Hurontario St. in Caledon
  • 199.9 at Shell, 13947 Hurontario St. in Caledon
  • 202.9 at Costco, 1411 Warden Ave. in Scarborough

  • 203.9 at Petro-Canada, 3686-3990 Eglinton Ave. West in Mississauga
  • 204.6 at Pioneer, 8765 Hwy 50 in Vaughan
  • 204.9 at Costco, 90 Windfields Farm Dr. in Oshawa
  • 204.9 at Shell, 2424 Eglinton Ave. East in Toronto
  • 205.7 at Petro-Canada, 5241 Highway 7 West in Vaughan
  • 205.7 at AMCO, 12765 Keele St. in King Township

Tips to save money on gas

Experts say consumers’ driving habits can affect how much money they spend on gasoline. Some simple tips for saving money on gas include:

  • Drive at a steady speed and avoid abrupt movements, as most vehicles are most fuel efficient when traveling between 50 and 80 km/h.
  • Traveling lightly and removing heavy objects from the vehicle, such as hockey equipment, can help reduce fuel consumption.
  • Use apps that provide daily updates for gas prices in your area, such as GasBuddy and Waze, which rely on crowdsourced information.
  • Go to the gas station earlier in the week as some experts say prices tend to rise on Thursdays and weekends.

And the obvious: use your vehicle less, try to carpool more, use public transport, go cycling or walking.

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