Cyclops & Jean Gray Get New Costumes In Stunning Hellfire Gala Fan Art

The Cyclops of the X-Men and Jean Gray get stunning new costumes in incredible Hellfire Gala fan art that puts a new spin on the heroes.

Warning! Possible spoilers for X-Men’s Hellfire Gala event below

In a beautiful new piece of fan art, Cyclops and Jean Grey get incredible costumes that represent an even more high-fashion look for both heroes for the X-Men upcoming 2022 Hellfire Gala. In the designs of artist @SaintSanti15, Scott Summers and Jean Grey’s most iconic looks, amazingly reimagined in alternative Hellfire Gala suits. The result is unique and appropriate outfits that make every hero stand out.

The X-Men’s 2022 Hellfire Gala Krakoa’s mutants will trade their usual costumes for high-fashion looks. Marvel’s top character and costume designers, including Mark Brooks, Russell Dauterman, and Jen Bartel, contributed new ensembles for the heroes and villains attending the event, which are high-fashion twists on what readers are used to seeing. The 2022 Hellfire Gala also sparked plenty of fan art, with performers putting their unofficial spin on the characters. @SaintSanti15’s bold, highly detailed and luxurious costumes are among the best not made straight out of Marvel Comics – with their spin on Cyclops and Jean Gray showing off their talent as a designer.


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On their Twitter account, @SaintSanti15’s shared two different sets of fan art costumes for Cyclops and Jean Gray for the X-Men’s upcoming 2022 Hellfire Gala† The first, more formal look is Jean in a hot pink metallic hooded dress designed by Azzedine Alaia. The dress has a plunging neckline and open back and is styled with a gold Phoenix emblem that sits on her back. Meanwhile Scott’s costume comes from concept art for Dormamu in 2016 Doctor Strange by Jerad Marantz. With exaggerated shoulder pads on his leather jacket, a wet-look catsuit and a new helmet that covers the top of his head, the hero exudes style.

The second Hellfire Gala costume design fan art for each hero is also spectacular. Jean Gray gets a Black Queen inspired ensemble with a beautiful chrome Phoenix bustier and belt. From the leather choker, the Krakoan flower brooch, and the tall boots, Jean Gray looks devilishly divine – while reclaiming her traumatic past with the look. Meanwhile, Cyclops’ costume is part Jim Lee and part Lords Cardinal of the Hellfire Club. With a fishnet torso paired with a bolero top and sheer sleeves, Summers wants to stand out next to his queen.

The new Hellfire Gala fan art gives Cyclops and Jean Gray two costumes that will turn heads at the high-fashion event. Each look is bold in its own unique way and pays tribute to each other X-Men past and present while creating something new at the same time. In the end, both looks are fantastic, if Cyclops and Jean Grey look great in their highly stylized costumes.

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