CPS’ Proposed $9.5 Billion Budget Backed by COVID Relief Funds – Chicago Tribune

Good morning, Chicago.

Chicago Public Schools has released its proposed $9.5 billion budget for the next school year, a spending plan that is $200 million more than this year, though the district is still dealing with declining enrollment. The Tribune’s Tracy Swartz reports that the projected budget, which is pending approval from the Chicago Board of Education at its June 22 meeting, will be supported by $730 million in federal coronavirus relief money.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot officially announced on Tuesday that she is running for a second term at Chicago City Hall. “Change does not happen without a struggle. It is difficult. It takes time,” Lightfoot said in a video announcing her bid for re-election.

See who’s in, who isn’t, and who’s undecided in the mayoral race.

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Patricia Sanchez, 44, said she was one of the last of a group of employees to quit working for their employer after being paid “weeks and weeks and weeks” without pay. She was hired by Ultio Crati Inc in April 2020. to help manufacture cloth face masks in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, she said, and did so until September of that year. She said “Everything was fine” at the beginning, and she got her first few paychecks for work, but then the payments stopped.

Sanchez is one of 15 former Ultio Crati employees who have filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois against the company for several violations of state and federal law, as well as a city ordinance regarding minimum wages, overtime, and earned wages.

CPS' Proposed $9.5 Billion Budget Backed by COVID Relief Funds - Chicago Tribune

The contrasting scenes that unfold almost daily in the 7th Congressional District race highlight the ideological and generational divide facing the Democratic Party in Illinois and across the country. Two main candidates – a younger and more progressive; the other an established politician who had been at the forefront of liberal politics, but whose time may have come to an end.

Kina Collins is backed by several progressive groups, including Justice Democrats, a leading left-wing political action committee that supported U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York in 2018 and Marie Newman of Illinois in 2020. Meanwhile, Representative Danny Davis works closely with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s leadership team, a message that was underlined by Jeffries’ presence during a series of visits to city churches.

CPS' Proposed $9.5 Billion Budget Backed by COVID Relief Funds - Chicago Tribune

Federal prosecutors demanded up to 18 months in prison for former state senator Thomas Cullerton, revealing for the first time that another senator’s recommendation helped Cullerton land a do-nothing job with the Teamsters union.

Cullerton, 52, a Democrat from Villa Park, was indicted in 2019 in a lawsuit alleging he pocketed more than a quarter of a million dollars in salary and benefits from the Teamsters union, despite having little or no money. hadn’t done any work. He pleaded guilty to embezzlement in March, two weeks after he abruptly resigned.

CPS' Proposed $9.5 Billion Budget Backed by COVID Relief Funds - Chicago Tribune

Jeanette Taylor joined the city’s waiting lists for affordable housing in 1993. Last month, her son — who wasn’t even alive when his mother first sought affordable housing — handed her a letter from the Chicago Housing Authority. It said Taylor’s family could finally apply for a housing choice voucher. “I sat on my bed for an hour. I’m like, ‘God, you have a sick sense of humor,'” said Taylor, who now represents the 20th ward on the city council.

She shared her story with a photo of the letter in a tweet that went viral last week. But Taylor says her experience isn’t unique, and affordable housing activists agree. Thousands of Chicago residents struggle with decades of silence on waiting lists that keep affordable housing out of reach, they say.

CPS' Proposed $9.5 Billion Budget Backed by COVID Relief Funds - Chicago Tribune

Still doing well at age 74, Steve Stone celebrated the 40th anniversary of his broadcast debut on ABC’s “Monday Night Baseball” on Tuesday. Stone has, in fact, gone through four metamorphoses while working with Harry Caray, Chip Caray, Harrelson and Jason Benetti. He played the part of Harry Caray’s amiable sidekick, Chip Caray’s provocateur and Harrelson’s second fiddle.

Now he’s found his perfect match in 38-year-old Benetti, an astute play-by-play man who doesn’t mind letting Stone speak in a word (spoiler alert: Stone likes to get into a word).

CPS' Proposed $9.5 Billion Budget Backed by COVID Relief Funds - Chicago Tribune

When Nick Kindelsperger noticed a new pizza place called Shy Slice with about zero owner details online, he needed to know more.

Shy Slice serves square, tavern-style pizza, and while you can get whole pizzas, you can also order it by the slice. Fortunately, you don’t pay for every single square (a particularly complicated proposition since those edge pieces are smaller than the middle one). Instead, you’ll get a quarter of an 18-inch pizza.

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